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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Some Good Humour in School?

While I have read one heart-warming story in Guidepost early morning, I also read a not-so-nice story in The Borneo Post today.

But, first start from a story from home.

Chris (my 10-year-old son) goes to a government-aided Chinese Primary School. The School was formerly a mission school. Therefore, the image of it being a Christian (Methodist) school is still being maintained in that the Board Members are selected from members of Methodist Churches. The school also accepted the participation of the students in Christian Fellowship as one of the extra-curriculum activities of the students. However, this year, the Christian Fellowship is being replaced by moral class. That's not a big issue because I believe home teaching on Christian values and faith does equally good job. Besides, our children go to Sunday School on Sunday.

What is horrifying is the horror stories that the teachers tell our children in school. It's Ching Ming season now. Chris came home last Friday relating to me the "ghost" stories told by his Life Skills' teacher. The teacher told the class that one of the teachers' husband met in a road accident because it's the season that "ghosts" roam around harming people. The teacher "warned" the children that it is not a business of being supersitious, it is real. Then he went on to relate how recently in one burial grounds in Sibu someone who had died for tens of years yet the body is sitll not decomposed. How the dead talked to the living that "she" was being submerged in water ...

Being grounded firmly in Christian faith, Chris took such horror stories as stories only. However, he remarked, "Mummy, that teacher says he is a Christian."

Back to The Borneo Post's story...

Donkeys more loyal than wives: Textbook

New Delhi: Housewives and donkeys are much the same except that the beasts of burden are better companions, complain less and are more loyal, according to a school textbook used in India's western state of Rajasthan.

"A donkey is like a housewife. In fact, the donkey is a shade better, for while the housewife may sometimes complain and walk off to her parents' home, you'll never catch the donkey being disloyal to his master," yesterday's Times of India quoted the Hindi-language book as saying.

The book, for 14 year-olds, was approved by the State's Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party administration but has sparked protests from its women's unit, the report said.

Shimla Prasher, chief of the party's women's wing, has threatened protests if the "objectionable sections" are not deleted. The state education department however noted that women were not singled out - politicians also were rated.

"The same chapter also compares the donkey to politicians, calling the animal thick-skinned," a state education offcial was quoted as saying by the newspaper.

Another state education offcial said the textbook was just an attempt at making school lessons humourous.

"The comparison was made in good humour. However, the protests have been taken note of and the education board is in the process of removing it," A.R. Khan, a state education officer, told the newspaper. Rajasthan state, known for its conservative attitude towards women, has a ratio of 886 females to 1,000 males, according to the 2001 national censes. - AFP

Aha, Desi, more HoLYwood Script writers in the making! What do you want? Horror stories or humour stories? You ask for it!

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Perhaps the Christian Fellowship teacher could remind the students that the Holy Ghost does not roam around harming people.

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:26 am  

You have taught your son well.:)

By Blogger Bkworm, at 12:50 pm  



"The Duchess of Yolk is pregnAnt,
Oh God, I wonder who did it!"

It contains Sex, Religion, Mystery,
Brevity (as for SS..): ALL the ingredients of (Wine) Man, Woman, (& Song) -- recipe for a 'ollywood w(H)iner!
(Wine) and (& Song) appear only in TallTaels sopun by fishy and desi-tellers!:):)
sexT CHANE on the Superstar Virgo: I left our the "star" refernces until I read fishtale's entry yesterday -- did not realise we are at that level of perforMANce!
Three tehtarik to US!:):):) Ooops, make IT four -- Chris is quietly list'ning.

By Blogger desiderata, at 2:50 pm  

That Christian Theacher is pacticing Tabloid Theology. Advice your son to tell her to go to http://www.bible.org/default.asp?scid=1 and do a course on Introduction to Theology that might help.:)

By Blogger RedLog :), at 9:47 pm  

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