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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

From blogspot to wordpress ...

I have finally decided to move to wordpress ....following dobbs. Thanks, dobbs, for the free tutorials.

Visit me at wordpress. See you there!

70 comment(s):

I'm trying to do the "honours" as return courtsey - curtsey also-can! - by being first visitor to new environ;
the furniture sits comfy enuf,
the air is fresh and free,
Ah -- I brought along a barrel of tehtarik --
Butt Where's the famous "cheAp" but yummylicious Sibu mee?
I'm not my normal self -- too much work lately, cos the 30sen fuel price rise, NOT the weather! or tehtarik!! I'm such A-demanding guest (Did I hear a Y&A whisper 'pest'?) -- that's Desi, sometimes mentor, most times thy
Mentee be!

Jest finis work, 10.09PM

By Blogger desiderata, at 10:10 pm  

good news

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