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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A Spa For The Soul

I remember reading a story about a man walking down the street one day. He passed by a store selling used books. Looking through the window he saw a book with this title, How to Hug. He was caught by the title, and being a romantic person wanting to learn more skills, he bought the book. Back home, he discovered that it was the third volume of an encyclopedia that covered the subjects from “How” to “Hug”.

I am not a “hugging person”. My “hugging” is kept within the significant other and my two children. Perhaps, I am not a warm person. Or perhaps, inwardly, I am a shy person. However, I have not thought of buying an instruction book on “How to Hug”. Oh yes, I have attended one or two seminars when the speakers taught the participants “how to hug”. But, it was never useful to me. Hugging remains a “no-no” to me.

But, last night, I gave Yvonne two big hugs! And it was so natural! Hugging is easier than I think! And I begin to believe that I am not a “cold” person!

Today’s thoughts is not about hugging. It’s about friends. It’s about “a spa for the soul”.

SPA? Whenever I have an opportunity to travel to Sing-Land, mGf, Desi would always ask, “spa-ing?”. No, it’s not “spa-ing” in Sing-Land. I was only given a free spa in Sing-Land once.

But, “spa-ing” is a term that I would identify with shelter for the soul, healing for the spirit. And I connect that with friends to ease the soul –

A deep heart-to-heart talk with a cherished friend feels as comforting and soothing as a spa.

Having friends who understands your world, your difficulties and triumphs give that comforting and soothing experience in a spa.

What do you do with friends? Sharing. If you run into a bargain at a department store you share the news with a friend. If you have an opportunity to enjoy some unusual experience, perhaps like a spa, you tell your friends. Friendship is always the sharing of intimacy, like a spa!

An open door, a cup of coffee, listening ears, open hearts, a little time, a commitment, a connection – are all that could give you a spa for the soul!

Thanks to friends, Desi, Yvonne, Fishtail, Imran, Kyels and John for that refreshing spa for the soul last night!

I have to borrow Desi's poem again for a Spa For The Soul again ...

Just Friends

A generous spread on a round table
Juicy suckling piglet, roast to a golden sheen
Oyster-sauced kailan, teased with Chinese wine
Healthy washed down with vintage Le Gordon Bleu

But what's all these food and drinks worth?
If not for the boisterous crowd
Of back-slapping mates dating back a decade
Growing richer and wiser with passing years
Like good old wine, Chinese or French

So cheers to hearty and sincere company
The meal might just as well be mere entree
Or one main course
Or just desserts

It matches not really the dish
What's really cooking, whetting
Is your presence, old chap.
Among just

7 comment(s):

Yan, where art thou?
the Super Virgo has upped anchor
You're steal at d' Spa et Labor?
We'd hit d' sandbar, Fishtail tied to the Pole

Bro Imp's teasing Red Reading Hood
Sis kyels, yvonne are doing the joget and ballet shoot
And Desi's not feelin' good
trying hard not to rock&roll
Get CaptHook&FishingRod
Get the Catsville Pilate quikkie on board!

By Blogger desiderata, at 6:45 pm  

PS: 2nd Mate yellar Yan's steal at d'Sinland Spa
Asking for 30% discount to learn the Moo-moo-Cha-cha

By Blogger desiderata, at 6:49 pm  

Hi, Yan,

I can feel that all of you had a wonderful time last night.

Now back to a pot of tea, a single cup, atop a wicker table and two criss-cross cane chairs on a verandah, must be relaxing.


By Blogger Joepsc, at 8:56 pm  

Thanks for the delightful meal; it was great fun too. Better to get wet on the deck of the Superstar than to get wet at Putra. Am looking forward to receiving those copies of the BP, and most likely say Yes!

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:19 pm  

Hi Yan. It's good to have finally met you in person although I was a bit quiet. Like Desi said, I was thinking of Little Red Riding Hood. Thanks for the dinner and hope to see you soon!

By Anonymous Imran, at 11:55 pm  

Was nice meeting you and everyone else too!

By Blogger Yvonne Foong, at 1:08 pm  

My Dear Friend, glad you discover "hugging" is easier then you think. I am the make-up hug and hug make a day person. Never missed it with the kiddos. I will demand one. hee..hee. I have done a speech on Hugs few years ago. An extract for your consumption.

Did you have a hug today? Experts say that "Four Hugs a Day Keeps The Doctor Away".

Can you remember when was the last time you hugged somebody or somebody hugged you? Think for a moment, how did it feel when you were being hugged?

There are different types of hugs. There are ‘I love you’ hugs, ‘I’m sorry’ hugs, ‘I missed you’ hugs, ‘Welcome home’ hugs, ‘I need you’ hugs, ‘Thank you’ hugs, ‘You look like you need a hug’ hug and so on.

(From a Book Mark)
1) There is no such thing as a bad hug, only good ones and great ones
2) Hugs are cholesterol-free, naturally sweet, 100% wholesome, non- fattening and they don’t cause cancer
3) Hugs are safe in all kind of weather and … in fact they are especially good for cold and rainy days
4) Hugs are exceptionally effective in treating problems like bad dreams or Monday blues. A
5) Hugs are easy to care for, as they don’t need batteries or x-ray.
6) Hugs are non-taxable and returnable.

How much do hugs cost? Real hugs, physical hugs are free to give and receive. It takes only a moment to give a hug. A hugs life isn’t short- lived. The effects can last all day and lingering memory has been known to last for years.
Never wait until tomorrow to hug someone who deserves it and you could hug today, because when you give one, you get one right back. Just remember, Four Hugs a Day Keeps the Doctor Away.

Keep trying, keep trying my friend. Cheers

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 11:54 pm  

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