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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Here Come Justice Bao!

I did not grow up with fairy tales like Snow White or Cinderella. I grew up with Chinese Classics, Chinese Legendary Stories, Jing-Yuan’s stories and Justice Bao’s stories. Those were the books of my late father. One fine day, I found the treasures in one of the cabinets. Those books occupied much of my childhood years. I was also not a “text-book” person.

I remember when Pak Lah took over the torch of the country, in his first election, BN ran some advertisements in the press portraying him as Justice Bao. Do you remember that?

I was then, very very much delighted by the creativity of the PR company or advertising agencies of BN. It related well with me.

Today, uncle Lim (Lim Kit Siang) refreshed my memories of my days with Justice Bao and with Justice Bao, of course the memories of my late father. I called him Uncle Lim because Lim Kit Siang was my late father’s friend. I have known him from my teenage days.

Read what Uncle Lim said, (From the Star, page N14)

Justice Bao and Pak Lah’s anti-graft fight

Opposition Leader Lim Kit Siang used the famous Chinese classic Justice Bao to make a point about Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s fight against corruption.

The Ipoh Timur MP said those who followed the classic
would know that Justice Bao had a team of lieutenants who helped him fight corruption and power abuses irrespective of rank or wealth.

He wanted to know who Abdullah’s lieutenants were.

“Who are his Zhan Zhao, Gonsun Ce, Wang Chao, Ma Han, Zhang Long and Zhao Hu?” he asked in
debating the motion of thanks on the royal address.

He said without such lieutenants, Justice Bao would be helpless to rein in the corrupt among the high and mighty.

“Similarly, without his team of anti-corruption compaigners, there is nothing Abdullah can do to make a dent on the scourge of corruption, however well-meaning he is,” Lim said. “His would be a lone and helpless voice.”

I’ll stop here, because today’s posting is about Justice Bao, Uncle Lim and Pak Lah. (Please pardon me for quoting name not according to seniority)

Now, for my banana friends (I know I have many who are yellow outside but white inside) who may not have a good grasp of what my Uncle Lim was saying, perhaps, this explains better –

A story was told of an American who was first appointed Ambassador to France. When someone asked him, “How is your French?” He said, “Oh, my French is excellent, all but the verbs.”

This is the description of Pak Lah’s administration. The administration is excellent with wonderful nouns –

peace, faith, justification, fairness, love, harmony …. (name all the wonderful mouns)

But, it lacks verbs, the action words –

loving, forgiving, restoring, healing …..

The administration is beautiful and wonderful but the actions leave something greatly to be desired. The administration is far removed from life as it is. It is talking about ideals but not dealing with gut issues of life where people are bleeding, struggling, fighting and facing terrible problems.

Justice Bao was a man of love, justice, faith and justification. His lieutenants work in line with him in loving, forgiving, restoring, healing … so that a real

Pak Lah’s administration is right, it is good, it is solid. Without Zhan Zhao, without Gongsun Ce, it is DEAD! There is no demonstration of life!

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Bah Dah Wie likened to Justice Bao? What a laugh. So far, he's been more like an empty pao (dumpling).

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:20 pm  


thou shalt not use the "wise man" nama in vain or pain.
SB may pay thee a visit and all desi can whisper is:
and Yanny's place becomes quiet empty...

By Blogger desiderata, at 9:17 am  


stop by here to fish thee GOoD Morn!
THANKS for lust nite's Alert warn
I deleted like my short life depended on it
I couldn't HELP myself using 4-letter word'
Like bull and shit!:)
Did I say BALL in the plural
No lah, it was writ on the mural:(

By Blogger desiderata, at 9:19 am  

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