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Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Goodbye, Ker-may

A dear friend in the Girls’ Brigade Ministry, Ker-may left us without a “goodbye”.

I first got to really know Ker-may in a camp four years ago. She was the camp commandant of the Girls’ Brigade Junior Leadership Training. I was one of the speakers. She was many years senior than me in the Girls’ Brigade. I felt small in front of her. But she did not make me feel small. She gave me all the encouragement and made me feel that I was a great speaker!

I could never forget how she made me feel. For that, I have never turned down a speaking opportunity in Girls’ Brigade Ministry.

I have missed the Girls’ Brigade’s way of biding goodbye to a faithful officer, a loving madam, a strict commandant of camps, and a God-fearing Captain.

I have recollections from my Captain of the good-byes, the tears, the officers, the over 400 girls, the band, and Ker-may in full Girls’ Brigade’s uniform.

Life is short. For Ker-may, she had led a colourful life with family and friends, and beyond that, a meaningful life in the Girls’ Brigade with the young girls and life in her teaching career with her students. She had fought a good fight, how about us?

Robert Browning wrote:

Just when we’re safest,
There’s a sunset touch,
A fancy from a flower bell,
Someone’s death,
A chorus ending with Euripides,
And that’s enough for fifty hopes or fears,
The Grand Perhaps!

How striking had Robert Browning put it in this poem. Ker-may’s death, a sunset, the beauty of a flower knowing that in a little while it will be crushed – all remind me of the brevity of life.

Goodbye, Ker-may.

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Dear Yan,

I am sorry to hear about Ker-May. Really sorry that she passed away. :(

May she rest in peace. *bows head*

By Anonymous kyels, at 11:16 pm  

My condolences.

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:35 pm  

mGf's friend is also my fren:

we might not have met Ker-may
but I think i have some glimpse of you
Via Yan's demeanour what she'd say
I salute a life well lived,
Rest thy soul, lift thy spirit
Dwell In Thy Lord's arms always.

By Blogger desiderata, at 12:05 pm  

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