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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

DIGI deposits in my Emotional Bank Account!

To say that I am faithful is self-praise. To say that I fear change is a confession.

My first connection on mobile is Maxis. When Maxis was first introduced to Sarawak, I was one of the “privileged journalists” to be given a nice number plus a stylish handphone. It was a tie for two years. I took the offer. I started with the connections Maxis provided for Kuching, Sibu and Miri. When I traveled to other towns like Bintulu, Sarikei and Mukah, my connection was cut off. I did not mind having to use the public phone at Bintulu airport.

I remain faithful to Maxis, till today. Over the years, I do meet my corporate clients like Celcom and DIGI who gently pass the message to me hoping to “connect me with people” through their services.

I remain faithful to Maxis.

I am not a big spender on phone calls. For Maxis, customer like me is like what the Chinese politician, poet, strategist, Cao Cao (155-220) said, “Chicken feet (claws), chicken feet, throwing you away is a waste, but there is no taste in you.”

I remain faithful to Maxis.

For two consecutive days, DIGI runs “What if?” advertisement in my newspaper -

Yesterday, DIGI asked -


This is the spirit that drives thinkers, inventors and innovators. And because of them, the quality of life on this planet has improved. It all starts with a question, “What if?”

What if we kept looking at the way things are and asked,
“What if?” And then applied that energy to make things a little
Today, DIGI hints, and deposits further in my Emotional Bank Account (read my post on Monday)

Customers are people. Our Company is also about people. This sounds obvious, doesn’t it? May be. But it helps us realize that our real assets lie in people. People like you. This shift in focus has led us to look intensely at our products and services and ask, “What if?”

What if we gave you surprisingly low rates? What if we just dropped our monthly fees completely? What if we let you
call the world at local rates? And what if we continued to improve things? And then measured our success by how you feel about our services?
Today, I am still able to sing to Maxis –

Of course I still love you
for the sun still rises and sets
And the moon still rules the tide
And my heart still beats in yearning
And my soul still lives in longing …

Of course I still love you …
For you’v become the air I breathe
The stars I see
The song I sing
Of course ..
How can I not love you?

But what if DIGI waived the the monthly fee? What if DIGI let me call the world at local rates?

I may change!

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I have the same "Faithfulness" but not with tel company, it is with my cell phone brand!

I have a very old Siemens which always close itself! Many offered me another mobile but I rejected all of them because they were Nokia !

I love Siemens, am I faithful to siemens ? or just like you, hard to change !

By Anonymous yasser, at 4:40 am  


Oop! I am faithful to Nokia! Also from the very first one packaged by Maxis!


By Blogger Yan, at 10:47 am  

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