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Sunday, March 12, 2006

The Child In Our Midst

Chris posed this question to me few hours ago –

What is more important? Keeping the promises you made to your boss or keeping the promises you made to your children?

Like most women, my answer would not be “A” or “B”. It’s neither “A” nor “B” or “Both”.

Like most women, I would start a new question to close the subject and begin a new subject.

Does mummy promise you something and does not keep it?

La…la…la… Chris is very “disciplined” when coming to question like this.

Not really. But, I thought you said you could get me a new SIM card while in KL last trip.

That’s it!

I give both children a supplementary line to my Maxis line paying RM10 each. Rachel hardly uses the phone. Chris calls only when I go traveling. His SIM card was spoilt recently. When I called Maxis Centre I was informed that a replacement would cost RM50. When I said that I would like to cancel the line, Maxis’ well-trained staff quickly said if I walk in a Maxis centre, I could get a free replacement. There is no Maxis Centre in Sibu. So, I decided that since I would be going to KL the next day, I could drop by the Maxis Centre in KLCC to get a replacement.

Because Chris stuffed some “masks” into my luggage and reminded me to put on the “mask” if I go to KLCC, I decided that I would not leave the hotel which is just opposite KLCC.

I broke the promise.

Chris’ question brings me this beautiful scene in Mark 9:37 when Jesus called a child to him and, putting his arms around the child, he said to the disciples who were arguing who was greatest –

Whoever receives one such child in my name receives me; and whoever receives me, receives not me but him who sent me.

The true greatness is modeled on this! Receiving such a small, unimportant child is not going to bring you something of great value. The motive is purely to do it “in my name”. The true greatness is to welcome people simply they are people, to take no consideration of whether they are in power or with status, whether they can do something for you or not, not to care whether the service can enhance our image or prestige.

This lesson of a child has been put nicely by William Barclay in “The Daily Study Bible Series, The Gospel of Mark”. He wrote,

Now, a child has no influence at all. A child cannot advance a man’s career, nor enhance a man’s prestige. A child cannot give us things; it’s the other way around. A child needs things. A child must have things done for him. And so Jesus is saying, “If a man welcomes the poor, ordinary people, the people who have no influence, and no wealth, and no power, the people who need things done for them, then he’s welcoming me. And more than that, he’s welcoming God.

The mark of greatness is – to treat everyone the same, whether your boss or your children! What a lesson to learn!

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