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Thursday, February 23, 2006


Someone has said,

There are only two kinds of speakers. One is those who have something to say. The other is those who have to say something.

Very often, we are the latter kind.

Life presents some riddles to us. Different people take these riddles differently. But, most of us will ask, “Why?” first. After the “why”, some will remain silent, some will express them through words, some will express their thoughts through cartoons, some will seek advices, some will …. Just having to say something as self-defence.

Why? The child with the asking eyes... (pix inserted)

Have you ever been pestered by children with the unending “why”? My two children are “problem” children with unending “why”. When Rachel was small (reason for not using “young” is because she still is), if she was not satisfied with the answers to her “whys”, she would experiment it herself. She would mix and mess until she found the answers. Very often, she ended up in trouble. Chris would dismantle and trying to fix back. He ended up in more confusion.

I am not a wise mother as to be able to give answers to all their “whys”. But, I know there are books like encyclopedia and Bible that would answer most of their “whys”.

Rachel and Chris are “wise” children. They often readily admit they are wrong and will never do that again (but usually with a turn of head, they would start mixing, messing, dismantling to answer their “whys”). They know that any self-defense put up in their wrongdoings would end them up in more trouble and they would not be expecting any advocate to stand in for them.

Wisdom is the answer to the question, Why? What is wisdom? Someone has described wisdom as the right use of knowledge. It is how to use things in such a way as to make things work out rightly. That is what we lack. We can do all kind of things with knowledge but we do not do the right things with it. We all lack wisdom. We have lots of knowledge but have no wisdom on how to use it.

Where can you find wisdom? The Bible! Read this one,

And he said to man,
Behold, the fear of the Lord, that is wisdom;
And to depart from evil is understanding. (Job 28:28)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom! When life presents us with troubles, the first reaction is always to defend ourselves or to find excuses, like what Job was doing. We ask, “Why should this happen to me?” What we mean is “we have not done anything wrong, we are perfectly professional, we have contributed much to the industry we are in or to human kind.....” We have learnt from the book of Job that “as long as a man is defending himself, God will not defend him”.

Jesus taught us at the Sermon of the Mount, “Blessed is the man who is poor in spirit”. When we shut up and stop defending and justifying ourselves, God will rise to take up our cause.

That reminds me of what Martin Luther had to say when he was called before the head of the Holy Roman Empire at the cathedral at Worms, Germany. Martin Luther was charged with heresy, on trial for his life. All the dignitaries, the nobles of the empire and the princes of the Catholic Church were there.

Martin Luther said,

Unless I am shown by the testimony of Scripture and by evident reasoning, unless I am overcome by means of the scriptural passages that I have cited, and unless my conscience is taken captive by the words of God, I am neither able nor willing to revoke anything, since to act against one’s conscience is neither safe nor honest. Here I stand; God help me, I cannot do otherwise, Amen!

God promises a safe landing, not a calm passage.

Wisdom has two parts
Having a lot to say
Not saying it.

May we all, especially journalists, has the wisdom that comes not from our own knowledge, but the fear of the Lord.

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