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Friday, February 24, 2006

There's a Camel in My Soup

I am way behind in my daily reading of "The One Year Bible". Going along with me is another companion, One Year Book of Praying Through The Bible".

NST greets its readers with "We Apologise. Unreservedly" today.

I thought, NST owes me no apology.

Praying Through The Bible greets me with this devotion, "There's a Camel in My Soup". Today, if you think NST owes you an apology, or someone owes you an apology, read on ...

Picture this: We reach over to pick a gnat out of our brother's soup only to discover a large, hairy camel sitting in our own bowl. When we lean in to get a better look, he spits in our eye. It's a camel, all right! Jesus paints a humorous picture of a serious subject - legalism. It's so easy to find fault with a brother or sister. After all, it's right there where we can see it plainly. Yet as we point out the gnats - those tiny, pesky faults in others that hover and annoy us - we have shortcoming the size of camels in our own lives!

When it comes to judging, what we need to do is offer our own hearts and minds daily to God so that his grace can redeem our failures. Then we can rejoice in our victories because we know that they are gifts from him. Even when we feel as if we have "arrived" and no longer have any imperfections, we still cannot judge our brother, for now we have a new camel in our soup - pride. Take a moment today and ask God to help you take your eyes off of others' fault and to help you examine your own heart.

When one knows oneself well, one is not desirious of looking into the faults of others.
- John Moschus

(taken from One Year Book of Praying Through The Bible, devotion for Feb 4)

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Hi, Yan,

Your anecdote of the camel is the equivalent of the hand that points with the index finger at somebody, the thumb at God, and three fingers (tall man, ring finger and baby finger) at oneself.

We have been taught not to judge others, for only God can judge and HE knows what is hidden in man's heart and mind - yet, in our daily lives, we find ourselves straying in all HIS teachings, intentional or otherwise.

I often wonder how could one live true to the words of God in this world, what his life will be like in relation to the realities of his environment. Seriously, I believe this "pure" state is not within man, an imperfect creature, though his chances will be better if he lives the life of a hermit, cut off from the real world, like those early Maronite Christian monks, for example, St Maron.

Pondering or contemplating on such spiritual issues is enlightening, helps uncover our many faults, searches our conscience, and straightens our paths.

Thanks for your sharing.

By Blogger Joepsc, at 3:14 pm  

NST also owes me no apology. Enough said.

By Blogger fishtail, at 4:54 pm  


In fact I thought of sending a bouquet of flowers to the NST bossses -- at least they stood up for the editorial staff -- though it was a little low to name a Sub-editor to prepare for a minor firing squad.

But I'm sorrry I Can't say the same of some Catsville bosses at ST -- adding insult to injury OR salt to the wound, mentioned here just in case the Boses read this as need some Xplanation! -- by proclaming they welcomed the Govt's suspension, and WON'T re-publish even if the suspension was lifted.
I just smelt more than a rat at ST - can I send them some "Poison" ah? Either kill some or perfume up the smelly place.
Sorry if I "intrude" with some digression/aggression; will keep two tarik tariks for your next visit to Kayel. that is, if this church mouse can still find "air" to breathe in:) and make Haridas make the TT!:(.

By Blogger desiderata, at 5:15 pm  

PS: sorry, subs "can" for can't somewhere...

By Blogger desiderata, at 5:16 pm  


I read this from Chris' book titled "Verdict" (children demand a verdict)-

No one rules unless God has given him the power to rule. - Romans 13:1. God puts people in charge of you - like parents, teachers and police - because He plans for them to protect and provide for you. He gives the power to reward good deeds and punish bad ones (Rom 13:3-4). Sometimes, however, people in charge make mistakes and punish good people. Some use their power in wrong ways and hurt people who is right. If you get in trouble for something you didn't do, you can always obey God by always doing the right thing. You can start by showing respect for the people in charge of you and praying for them!

Sound easy, right? But, how many of us can do that?

It's only by His grace and love...


By Blogger Yan, at 6:16 am  


NST does owe "us" (readers like you and me) an apology for publishing what is "not news" on front page thus depriving us of the "first-hand news".



By Blogger Yan, at 6:18 am  


Send one bouquet of "forget-me-not" (wonder where you can get it) to ET at outerspace, Oops.. in Kayel lah, on 12Mar (at the time of reporting, it's accurate).

No problem to "sub" here after Login and Publish on a prime day at SpiritDestination!


By Blogger Yan, at 6:23 am  

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