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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Thank you, thank you

I have meant to come back 144 hours after the last post. I have to come back early because I have friends to thank –

Thank you, Dobbs, for the link to some nice templates. Of all, I like the template you use best. So, I have to take the second best!

Thanks, anonymous for the reminder – Look at our own heart. We are all sinners.

Thanks, a lump of clay, for adding weight to what we are to do – to turn our eyes upon Jesus for only when we do this, we shall find peace amidst the turmoil in this world. How true!

Thanks, Desi, the never failing one, for the nice compliments to big-hearted Chris. Indeed, he is.

Thanks, joe.psc, for seeing the point of my stories of boss with strong principles. If we each play our role well, will the world be a better place to live in? Will there be more tolerance?

Thanks, Angus, it really should start from us, we are the Churches. Churches are made of people. If we should point fingers at someone, the first one we should point is ourselves!

I have lost count of the number of hours I have stopped blogging. So, forget about the 144 hours! I shall be back on Valentine Day, yes, it’s the first anniversary of my blog! I hope to have something delightful then!

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Hi, dear friend, don't stop blogging. Have not been able to log on to your site for the past hours (lost count of the number). Quite worried.

OIC, you have a new look. Well, why not, always something delightful to look forward to. You are a super woman!

Happy Anniversary. What a day to start a blog. Happy Valentine, too.

By Anonymous pt, at 10:05 pm  

Hi, Yan,

WOW! very nice template, soft floral motif, good choice of colour, and feminine too.

By Blogger Joepsc, at 11:28 pm  

You are most welcome Yan. I love your new template too! :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 7:42 am  

First anniversary? Counting to 365D?
Your arithmetic so goode?
And then Refurbishing your Corner during the 144-hour short break?

I'm CONtemplate-ing changing my Template too -- you sponsor, ah?
Congrats, I like the new look:)

Somehow my arithmetic is badder than yours -- am steal counting the Toes after finishinh with the Fingers ... luckily I did not stop at 9 -- left that to the Immigration Dept... Talking about reTEMPLAT-ing the MyKad beyond Doggie digits.

If you find Desi talking Grik, ne'er mind, 2morrow is Valentine'sDae, anything goes!:)

By Blogger desiderata, at 8:10 pm  

pt, the faithful one -

Thanks for the care and concern!

By Blogger Yan, at 5:49 am  

joe.psc, the one who always edifies,

The new look for entering the second year of blogging. You shall have your anniversary soon!

By Blogger Yan, at 5:51 am  

Dobbs, the one who always inspires,

Thanks a million. You are always resourceful.

By Blogger Yan, at 5:52 am  

Desi, the one who never fails,

Yes, it's my first anniversary. I have not counted the days. You know I always lost count!

Blog templates should be like the many faces of a woman - so change often.

Free tutorial available here in Sarawak, not elsewhere, I believe.

By Blogger Yan, at 5:54 am  

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