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Sunday, February 26, 2006

I'll Be With You

It’s one of the great privileges of being a journalist to participate with people in their wedding. Last night I attended the wedding reception of the youngest daughter of Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh, the Second Finance Minister and Minister of Urban Development and Tourism Sarawak. Sharon is married to her University mate, Andrew from Sing-Land. They were married in Sydney on 18th Feb. Tonight’s reception thrown for over thousand guests saw the love of parents, siblings, community and political leaders!

Well, these people are all beside you, not in front of you or behind you, they are just walking side by side with you.

We are all familiar with this saying,

Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow.
Don’t walk behind me; I may not lead.
Just walk beside me and be my friend.

Eight members of the visionary team of Sibu (one of them is the bride’s father) sang this popular Chinese oldie, “I am beside you” (wu zai ni zuo yew). This is their “trademark” song during any function, whether it’s a political or community, and even at wedding. They have surely improved!

The bride’s mother, a very graceful woman formerly a school teacher, spoke. She spoke during all her children’s weddings offering advices to the newly wed. Besides, love, care, respect, falling in love over and over again with the spouse, and be there always meeting the spouse’s needs, Datin Sri Leong has never failed to advise her children to seek guidance from above, the Lord of their lives.

Sharon and Andrew also spoke thanking parents, relatives and friends in shaping them what they are today. I like it when Sharon said that they would not take it lightly to serve God as husband and wife!

Moses said the reason for marriage is that it is God’s work, God’s gift of a woman or man in your life, the possibility of entering into this creative work of God, of something that is unique and marvelous and that will display His character.

How wise is the bride to say that she and her significant other will not take it lightly to serve God as husband and wife!

My “journalistic observation” and knowing the parents of Sharon tell me that Sharon and Andrew are given the very good gift from God – fine parents. Children who have fine parents will learn from their parents – their honesty, humility, courage, hard work and love for God. They are to take from their parents what made them fine people and make it their own.

It’s such marvelous gift! They really have much to be thankful for.

As I was carried away by the melody of the eight politicians in “I’m by your side”, I said a little prayer for Sharon and Andrew –

Now that you are married, you don’t have the presence of God mediated to you through your parents anymore, you are in God’s presence yourself. You are not children dependent on your parents anymore, you are children of God, directly learning from your Heavenly Father. May you be united and joined investing your best emotional energy in strengthening the relationship over a lifetime. Father, draw them nearer to each other and nearer to You each day ...

With the assurances of the eight politicians in “I’m by your side”, I also wish a little wish –

Let your song shines before the people of Sibu, that they may see your good deeds and as a source of hope! Let your song speaks of life lived with real honesty, life that is open, joyful, energetic, enthusiastic, fair and hopeful. Let the song be not only a description of marriage, but a description of community life!

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Your little wish, in the last paragraph, is what matters most to man and to God.

I would also join you in that little wish, that political leaders the world over, put their peoples' welfare over their personal ones. A very tall wish only God could grant.

By Blogger Joepsc, at 12:49 pm  


Spotted you there with your significant other! Well, it was indeed a heartwarming dinner reception. Have enjoyed the oldies, perhaps, as much as you do!


By Anonymous ag, at 7:08 pm  


Well said. Thanks for sharing.


By Blogger Yan, at 7:27 pm  


Huh? Did not see you! Well, it was a big crowd. I did not "hear" quite probably. The sound system of Civic Centre surely needs some technical expert to do a good job! I even missed what song the groom's father from Singapore was singing. He has a nice voice, no doubt. Well, poor sound system plus the bad habit of Sibu people, it was like a market place.


By Blogger Yan, at 7:32 pm  

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