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Saturday, February 25, 2006

A Day to Remember

Chris went to a dentist today and had one milk tooth pulled to give way to the permanent tooth that is cutting through the gum. I like to tease him that his milk teeth are jealous teeth who would not give way for the permanent ones. He reasons that because his permanent teeth learn the hard way to grow, so they are all aligned nicely.

Every time when he has a tooth extracted, we could tell stories after stories about “teeth”. Tonight he asked whether I remember when grandma (my mother) was very sick, I took the “teeth” (dentures) out of grandma’s mouth and brushed? He said he was then bewildered how grandma’s teeth could be taken out and put back. Chris was then five years old.

Talking of my mother always brings tears, and more tears. I said I could not quite remember and asked how he could remember that?

Chris said,

These are precious memories. If you choose to remember, you will remember.

We live in an era that is famous for 24-year-old self-made billionaires (this I borrow from mGf, Desi). We live in a time in which technology is outmoded six months after it is discovered. (this I hear from my significant other whenever I say I would like to buy a new gadget). Things happen very quickly. We also forget things very fast.

Perhaps, we choose not to remember.

Today I choose to remember the principle of the top management of NST for not putting the responsibility on one staff only.

Today I choose to remember the grace and kindness of our Prime Minister is closing the case of NST without “punishing” them for “sins not committed”.

As written in my earlier post, In the Light of His Glory and Grace, I repeat,

All the things on earth grow strangely dim in the light of the principle of NST’s top management.

All the things on earth grow strangely dim in the light of the grace and kindness of our Prime Minister….

These are precious memories that take a long, long time to come by...

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Jealous teeth sure sounds better than stubborn teeth. Bravo Chris for being so brave about having your tooth extracted! :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 7:29 am  

Yan, your children are indeed very wise, because they have an intelligent mother. I am amazed by how you are able to write every post so philosophically, and even able to quote the bible!

I think we're more sensitive toward things, issues, and people that matter to us, hence, only certain things get recorded in our minds vividly.

At times, I find myself remembering certain things TOO vivdly because I can't let go of them. When I do, I am more relieved.

As for the tooth struggling to survive... hmmm... it gets very tiring struggling like that all the time.

By Anonymous Yvonne Foong, at 9:05 am  


Chris is brave, indeed. He says that the biggest asset he has are the "teeth". So, he takes very good care of them! (smile)


By Blogger Yan, at 7:35 pm  


Thanks for sharing.

To each his own! I think you are marvellous!

I do have a "words bank" that I keep many quotes, poems, stories and Bible verses. That's the secret to be able to quote quite easily. You think I have that huge memory bank? No way lah!


By Blogger Yan, at 7:38 pm  

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