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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Traveling Light

Working in an organization with diversified business and with a travel agent can give you some surprises now and then. It also means your itinerary is not a secret. Though I have nothing to hide about my travel itinerary, I do mind the travel agent reveal my itinerary to Tom, Dick or Harry!

Probably because it’s near to Chinese New Year, not many staff travel. So, my travel to Kuching today (few hours from now) becomes the target of many within the organization who want to send things to Kuching.

The surprises were all mine. I have a hefty 5 Kg of documents to carry to Kuching and to bring back also. I was given to understand that all these are urgent documents to be signed by staff at the headquarters.

Fair, helping each other is carrying each other burden.

But, but …

Since that fateful day (three days before Christmas two years ago) I slipped and landed on my knee, I have been working very hard to “travel light”.

First, I worked diligently towards taking away the extra kg. It started from the minute I was wheeled out from the operation theatre. I was successful to let my weak knee carry 10 kg less. I still have 5 kg to work on.

I have learnt to travel light. It’s a bonus to my injured knee. Having to start work the minute you step out of the plane, waiting for check-in luggage is a luxury. So, hand-carry luggage has to be packed with minimum weight. What do you do? Pack clothes of same colour scheme for each trip so that you do not need extra shoes or handbag to go with. Pack clothes that you can easily wash and dry. That could at least take off 5 kg from my luggage.

I even changed my 2-3 kg computer notebook to one that weights 1 kg. I have been extremely pleased with this notebook. So much so that my husband would say this if I am sick and do not wish to see a doctor, “If you die someone else will be using your notebook. Think about that.” It does sound very scary, someone using my notebook?

The extra 5 kg for my knee really means something. I need to travel light for the sake of my injured knee and also for my own joy!

Max Lucado in his book “Travelling Light” suggests – For the sake of those you love, travel light. For the sake of the God you serve, travel light. For the sake of your own joy, travel light.

Sounds good? He even gives names to the luggage we carry that bogged us down. Suitcase of guilt. Duffle bag of weariness. Hanging bag of grief. Carry-on bag of loneliness. The trunk of fear. Briefcase of perfectionism.

Max Lucado says if we do not discard those heavy bags, Psalm 23 will be read like this,

I am my own shepherd
I am always in need.
I stumble from mall to mall and shrink to shrink
Seeking relief but never finding it.
I creep through the valley of death and fall apart
I fear everything from pesticides to power lines
And I’m standing to act like my own mother.
I go down to the weekly staff meeting and
Am surrounded by enemies
I go home and even my goldfish scowls at me
I anoint my head with extra strength Tylenol
My Jack Daniel’s runneth over
Surely misery and misfortune will follow me
And I will live in self doubt for the rest of my lonely life.

Travel light today. It’s just a mater of knowing what you have in your Shepherd.

“God isn’t going to let you see the distant scene. So you might as well quit looking for it. He promises a lamp unto our feet, not a crystal ball into the future. We do not need to know what will happen tomorrow. We only need to know He lead us.” – Max Lucado, Traveling Light

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How true, dear Yan.

After CNY, I shall work towards that! Travel light, for the sake of those who love me? Can't resist the temptation of CNY goodies, especially your cheese cookies, there's none like yours!

It's a delight to read the CNY celebrations in your paper today. Countdown to CNY for the next 9 days. What to expect tomorrow?


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:29 am  

Thanks for sharing Yan - yes we all have to learn to travel light and trust God to lead us. Safe journey :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 7:58 am  

reminds me of 2 songs in contrast:

Travellin' man -- remember Ricky Nelson?

And the nostalgic, where arevthey now -- Seekers?

Morningtown Ride
Trains whistle blowing
make a sleepy noise...

So travel with thy Light, Yan
Just tread lightly, daintily
like a Princess,
and ice cream delight?
Help get me out of
the darkness sumtimes!:)
So we'll get there
In good time, in God's time

By Blogger desiderata, at 6:55 pm  


Sorry, I have yet to make the cheese cookies! Look like you are going to miss the cookies this year! Another year, another time?

Read on for the next nine days, buy another copy?


By Blogger Yan, at 11:56 pm  


Thanks for the support and encouragement!

That makes life's journey even lighter!


By Blogger Yan, at 11:57 pm  


You always have the last say!

Yes, SpiriteDestination on a Prime Day!


By Blogger Yan, at 11:58 pm  

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