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Monday, January 30, 2006

A Stitch In Time

Before Rachel was born, I spent many hours enjoying cross-stitches. It was a long wait of four years before God delivered the bundle of joy to us. The pressures had me stressed, it was the little stitching that gave me the relaxation. It was the concentration in stitching that all the cares and anxieties seemed to be gone.

Cross-stitching is also one of the sources of some of my most favourite memories, especially with my mother while in Singapore. I made a lot for other people as presents during that time. The few pictures here are only the few I kept for my self.

The cushion was specially for Rachel with her name and her birth date stitched on it and the Bible Verse from Pslams 139:14 – I will praise thee, for I am wonderfully made. This cushion is special in my life. I stitched it while staying in Singapore General Hospital with threatened miscarriage. Indeed, Rachel is special.

The picture of the “Little Match Girl” also stitched in 1989/1990 still hangs in my living room. The “Mandarin Ducks” is kept in my living room. The Lord’s Prayer is in my bedroom. And the bookmarks are always my companion…

I wonder whether my friends still keep those cross-stitch pictures that I gave them as gifts …. I know the Last Supper that my mother liked so much is still hanging in my second brother’s home … Where is my “Home is where the heart is” ?

Chris has just taken a peep at what I have stitched for Rachel and said, “Please stitch one for me.”

Look like I am going to take up cross-stitch sometime soon! I can start with the bookmarks!

Any Order?

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"The Lord is My Shepherd" is in my house! Still in good condition though it's 15 years' old.

Thanks, dear friend.


By Anonymous PT, at 9:17 pm  


Thank you for "preserving" the friendship for so long!


By Blogger Yan, at 7:16 am  

One more thing we have in common - I love to cross-stitch as well! I have lost count of how many I have given away over the years but have some left at home - will post them up one of these days. I don't do much nowadays because of poor eyesight - cross-stitching with multifocals is just not the same *sigh* I have been working on the same picture for the last one year now! You do beautiful work Yan - let me know if you need any new patterns to inspire you - I've got tons of pattern books of all sorts :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 9:42 am  

My late aunt used to be engrossed with cross-stitching, just like you. She tried teaching me, but I can never understand the fun of poking needles into cloths when we are already in the digital age. LOL! Well, I'm just not patient and detailed enough. *sigh*

By Blogger Yvonne Foong, at 7:16 pm  

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