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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Still in my garden

Still in my own garden, but I steal (stole) from the garden of others today.

While I am still looking at my own garden and thinking it may be gone forever, a delightful newsletter from guideposts arrived in my mail box this morning. I know God whispers, speaks, and now He shouts –

Happiness held is the seed
Happiness shared is the flower

In a story, “Good things come to those who wait”, Genie Aylor related how she felt the rebirth of her husband, Jim in her life. Genie would always sow the seeds of her children’s name in her garden in Spring. This spring, she added in another seed, the blue nigella also called “Love-in-a-mist”. She called it “I love Jim”. Her husband, Jim was battling leukemia. Genie had to leave her own house for an apartment near the hospital in order to take care of her husband. The husband died. She went home, to find that the garden which had left untended for were in a mess with split tomatoes, dried-up corn, weeds in flower beds, but the blue nigella bloomed. She was comforted because “the seeds, like Jim, had been reborn.”

In another story, “In search of the pure white marigold:, Alice Vonk wrote, “God was the creator and grower of the pure white marigold, the new love gift to mankind. We are merely planters”.

In “How to sow the seeds of love”, Jill Taylor said she would package a few seeds to enclose with each Christmas card, together with a message saying, “These seeds come to you with my love. Plant them if you like, enjoy flowers and perhaps next Christmas you’ll send their seeds to someone you love, just as I send these to you.”

Jill continues, “Even a dead seed never really dies. Like God’s love, it continues forever if the seeds are cast on fertile ground to sprout and grow and blossom.”

From my own garden…

On the significance of a sneeze, I wrote…. we hold on the faith that "the sneeze has blown a seed and the seed has been planted", God of harvest will cause the little seed to come to fruition.

On my first post in this blog on Valentine Day last year, I wrote ….. love yourself, reach past the thorns of your life, and let the rose within blossom many times over…Yes, within every soul there is a rose…

In March 2005, when my neighbour pulled down the tall wall, I wrote … Sometimes, we appreciate only our own garden. The garden outside the tall wall may be more beautiful than our own garden… Many years past, I still remember the glow in my daughter’s eyes and the excitement in her voice when the tall wall was pulled down.

Happiness held is the seed
Happiness shared is the flower ..

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