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Friday, January 27, 2006

Pre-CNY musings

My colleague, a young writer for my Chinese newspaper, knocked at my door this morning. He wants to interview me!

Huh? I interview people, not to be interviewed, I strongly protested. But, he was persistent. He wanted me to talk something about Valentine Day from a mature wise woman’s point of view. Well, mature is just another substitute for “elder”. “Wise” sounds a lot better, but it’s still another way to tell you that you are “growing old”, but wisely.

Despite all the sweet words, I did not accept the interview. We ended up sharing on the subject of love for the “older couple”.

Love for the older couple, perhaps, is intimacy of another kind – physical, still yes, but increasingly spiritual as well. I like this poem by Archibald MacLeish very much –

They have only to look at each other to laugh
No one know why, not even they;
Something back in the lives they’ve lived,
Something they both remember but no words can say.
They go off at an evening’s end to talk
But they don’t, or to sleep but they lie awake
Hardly a word, just a touch, just near
Just listening but not to hear.

Everything they know they know together –
Everything that is, but one:
Their lives they’ve learnt like secrets from each other;
Their deaths they think of in the nights alone.

My young writer left, disappointed that despite his sweet words I turned him down, but I know, he has learnt – everything an old couple know they know together, everything that is, but one: their lives they’ve learnt like secrets from each other…

Dear friends and visitors, this is probably the last post for the lunar year. Tomorrow, I shall be that woman in the kitchen. Cooking for 21 people, young and old, sure needs a lot of love plus hard work, and most of all kitchen management! Yeah, the kitchen is mine tomorrow.

Enjoy your reunion dinner, a blessed new year, to you and your family.

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Hi, Yan,

Cooking for 21? You are sure a capable woman.


By Anonymous PT, at 7:40 am  

Thanks for the New Year wishes Yan. Cooking for 21 will send me into a heart attack! I am nowhere as capable as you are *respect* :)
We will be having our CNY eve dinner with hubby's cousin and family so I will have a relaxing time tonight. Anyway blessed New Year to you and your family and have a great time together over the CNY holidays!

By Blogger dobbs, at 10:24 am  

Hi, Dobbs,

It's perfectly done, no heart attack here. Thank God.


By Blogger Yan, at 12:17 am  


Thank you for the good words. You are kind.


By Blogger Yan, at 12:18 am  

Your reunion dinner looked really scrumptious - well done! Told my hubby about your cooking for 21. His response was that he himself would have a heart attack if I had to cook dinner for 21. *LOL*

By Blogger dobbs, at 9:45 am  


Thank you for your compliments. It's actually just a matter of organizing it. Of course, I do have one maid helping me.

My husband always says I am unscientific, in that I add in spices to food according to my instinct. He says, "A good cook should weight or measure every bit of ingredients. Only in that way, you can be constant in the quality."

Hm... sounds logical. But, I would need one day and one night to cook for 21 being so scientific.

Happy new year.


By Blogger Yan, at 11:34 pm  

I have to disagree about the scientific bit. My late grandmother was a good example of cooking fabulous dishes without weighing or measuring - I realised that only when my sis tried to put her achar recipe to paper many years back! And look at the cooking shows on Astro - you don't see Jaime or Nigella measuring ingredients do you? ;)

By Blogger dobbs, at 7:06 am  

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