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Sunday, January 15, 2006


A husband returned home from work. The wife asked for quite a substantial sum of money from him. When asked of the purpose, the wife said, “I need to buy a new dress for the community dinner/dance tomorrow.” The husband said, “Dear, you have just bought one yesterday.” The wife answered, “I saw the woman next door having the same dress. I am afraid she will be wearing the same dress tomorrow night.” The husband was bewildered. The wife continued, “It would be much cheaper to buy a new dress than to buy a new house elsewhere.”

It’s many women’s nightmare to go to a party to find out that another woman is wearing the same dress! Once upon a time, many years ago, my decision of buying clothes depended much on whether there was another set in the boutique or even in town. Assurance from the boutique owner that there was no second set was a must before I opened my wallet.

This morning I wore a very nice suit to Church. It’s simple, but unique and I think there is no same suit in town. As soon as the pastor dismissed the congregation with the benediction, the sister seated next to me asked whether she could borrow the suit for her to ask her tailor to make one with the same pattern. And I readily said “Yes”. It was not an impulsive one. Up to now, I have not regretted to say “Yes”.

Guess I am growing old. But, it does not mean it’s maturity.

Just now over lunch, Rach (my daughter) asked Chris how old he was. Quick as a flash he said, “I’m ten, going on eleven in August, but soon to be twelve. By twelve, I can join the Holy Communion.*” That’s the kind of eagerness for maturity we all should have. I am on the way. I am progressing. I am growing towards the right direction. Soon, I shall be there!

The first baby step moving away from childish attitudes is not to measure yourself by comparison with someone else and moving towards childlikeness with simplicity of faith. Note the difference - Childlikeness and from childishness

Please be patient, God is not through with me yet – that’s what the title stands for.

Change takes time – but it must be taking place!

* In Methodist Churches here, only those baptized and above 12 are invited to join Lord's table.

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Hi Yan,

You're very right that 'ageing' is not 'maturing' and being 'childlike' is not to be 'childish".

Life cycle always ends with the stage of being old and childlike, hopefully without the traces of childish behaviours which could spell problems for the other family members.

Yes, in the meantime we should strive to be childlike. Childlikeness is beautiful when manifested by both young and old - attitudes of pure innocence, goodness, positiveness and being submissive to God's will. It is definitely more pleasing to His eyes.

By Blogger Joepsc, at 4:14 pm  

Thanks, Joe, for adding weight to a woman's words!

Childlikeness is that refreshing simplicity of faith which believes God and acts without question.

That's our goal, isnit it not?


By Blogger Yan, at 9:52 pm  

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