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Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Oh, Dear

A little girl hurt her finger. She ran to her daddy, who was a preacher. The preacher was engaged in studying. She showed her daddy her finger. But the preacher was so engrossed in his studies that he just took a look, and said, “Oh, that will be alright.” He sent the little girl away.

The little girl ran to her mother, weeping and crying. Her mother said, “Oh, dear, does it hurt so much?”

The little girl said, “No, mummy, it’s just that daddy didn’t even say, ‘Oh, dear’”.

That’s sympathizing with her. She just wanted her daddy to say “Oh, dear” with her.

Chris has his second ear infection in five weeks. It was a long night for both Chris and mum. The pain started at 1 am. Time was slow when we were experiencing something we do not like. What more to say the ear pain? It was then I decided to call off my planned trip to Kuching the next day.

Finally, the morning broke. We saw an ENT surgeon at 10:00 am. He started work at 9:30 am. There were not many patients in the clinic. Chris was the second patient.

The doctor checked Chris’ throat, nose and finally ear. The right side was inflamed with swollen ear drum (layman term). The left ear was ok but with a little ear wax at the ear drum. The doctor insisted that “someone had done something funny to push the ear wax into the ear drum.” (Doctor’s exact words) Chris said he did not dig his ear. But the doctor looked at us with disbelief saying, “Wax will not grow at the ear drum.”

The doctor then said that the swollen ear drum might burst anytime and if it happens, it will be difficult to cure. (again his exact words)

Then the doctor asked whether Chris had finished his medication. The moment Chris said he still had some, the doctor frowned and said, “The mother should manage it, he is too young to manage. You should have finished the medication.”

Chris was given four weeks’ medication for his allergy after one week’s treatment of his ear infection earlier. That means by today he should have exactly finished his medication.

We did not have a chance to tell the doctor the reason that Chris had not finished the medication. We stopped the medication for four days to do an allergy test in Singapore.

We left after taking one week’s medication for the ear infection. Chris was upset. Mummy was upset too.

I wrote an email to Chris’ doctor in Sing-Land of the ear infection. It was a quick update. At 4 pm, the doctor replied with these opening words, “Oh, dear.”

At that magical moment, this little “Oh, dear” swept away the not-so-good-feeling that has been building up tension in the mummy!

Yes, many times, when we are hurt or in pain, it's just that "Oh, dear" that we want.

This is what God does with us too. Paul tells us to “weep with those who weep and rejoice with those who rejoice.” (Romans 12:15) Jesus Himself shares the heartache of Mary and Martha on the death of Lazarus, their brother. As he started out to the tomb where Lazarus was laid, “He wept”, He broke into tears. Jesus shed tears. While walking to the tomb, His grief overwhelmed him, he so sympathized with them that he broke into tears. He knew that in a few minutes time, He would raise Lazarus from the death. There was no reason for him to weep. He was weeping because He is sharing their heartache.

It is a precious thing to have someone sympathize with us, someone sharing our heartaches, someone who say "Oh, dear" with us!

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Oh, dear - to mum and Chris.


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:42 am  

Oh dear, I hope Chris gets well soon and mum gets to recover lost sleep.

By Blogger fishtail, at 10:13 am  

Oh dear indeed. Take care and hope Chris gets well soon *hugs*

By Blogger dobbs, at 5:51 pm  

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