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Sunday, January 08, 2006

My Father, my father, fathers

No aspect of Christian faith warms my heart more than knowing that God is my Father. Whether I am in joy, in sorrows, in tears, in laughers, in fears, when I come to my Father in prayers, with the utter of “My Father”, there is always a warm feeling that passes through my body! It is an inexpressible joy to know that I have a Father who loves me.

My father passed away when I was 20. My four younger siblings were 18, 15, 10 and 6 respectively. I do not have many memories of my father. Remembering my father is more “fears” than “love”. At 5 or 6, my father was seriously ill, I overheard the elders saying that the doctor said my father would die. So, for the next 15 years or so, whenever my father fell sick, I remembered what I had heard. I lived in fear that my father would die. Practically, it was an everyday’s affair, because my father was sick most of the time.

Real father love is not in short supply in the real world. Last Friday, in a very hectic schedule in KL, I rushed in a shop to get a white cotton school shirt for Rach. I saw a not-so-young father looking for a school bag. He could not decide which one to buy. Well, it was more of journalistic curiosity than wanting to be helpful, I have to confess. So, I asked my “Yan-bites” – who, what, how. Who – 9-year-old boy. What – for school. How – walking long distance, having to carry the bag up to 3rd floor. Done! I told him that the one he had in hand would be too heavy to carry up to 3rd floor, without the books in, it’s about 2 kg (woman’s skill to know the weight just by holding), plus at least about 8 kg, it would be a hefty 10 kg. I “whispered” to him that my 10-year-old son got one in one of the chain stores which I have just passed by. He readily followed me to that shop – seeing the radiance on his face, I knew he could find one that’s “friendly” to the back of his son too in that shop.

Yes, real father love is really seen everywhere. Just last week, I read from the newspaper that the “judge” took leave to settle his children in school! Another friend of mine who is a doctor also told me he took few days’ leave to settle his children in new school.

From the Bible, is there any more beautiful picture than the story Jesus told of the Prodigal Son? The old father waiting at home, watching the horizon, and at the first glimpse of his son on the horizon, the old man ran down the road to meet him with arms wide open. Before the son could utter a word of his memorized statement – “I am no longer worthy to be called your son”, the old man had called out for a celebration to kill the fatted calf. Such is the picture of a father’s heart – forgiving the son with a full and free heart!

Rach and Chris are close to their father. To them, their father is a friend and model for them – patience, fortitude, manliness and humour – which they do not find in their mother, I guess!

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My father passed on when I was 19, and I never had a real adult-adult relationship with him because 4 years before that, I had already moved out to boarding school. So lucky are those who have a real quality relationship with their dads.

By Blogger fishtail, at 10:17 pm  

Indeed! But, still it's always comforting to know we have a Father above!

Thanks for sharing.

By Blogger Yan, at 10:23 pm  

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