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Saturday, January 28, 2006

Missing From the Reunion Dinner Table

This is the second reunion dinner that dad in law is missing. Dad in law passed away on 2nd October 2004. I recalled that dad in law would always had his special “Mee Hoon Soup” specially prepared for him only. Mum in law would never fail to cook a special bowl for him.

With dad in law missing, the special “Mee Hoon Soup” is also not prepared.

My late mother would never miss her special “yam cake” for Chinese New Year. When she passed away on 18th June 2000, the special “yam cake” is no longer on our reunion dinner table.

Though life is to be lived forward, looking back will always give us many fond memories of the loved ones missing from the table, and those special food missing from the dinner menu.

Looking back, we remember the courage and the love of our loved ones. These loved ones will never come back to us. But, we shall go to them! One day, we shall feast together at Jesus’ feet. Then, it will be more than the “Mee Hoon Soup” and the “yam cake”.

I cooked ten perfect dishes plus another one for the reunion dinner. Fried prawns – the favourite of Rach. Fried noodles – the favourite of Chris. Drunken chicken – the favourtie of the significant half… The eggs of peace – I like best. I have yet to find out the favourite of mum in law…. A long way to go to be a better daughter-in-law …..

Have a look at the photographs. Though not the best, it's the thoughts that matters, and it's labour of love!

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