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Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The Man In The Mirror

Finally, it's done! Yes, the bathroom attached to Rachel's room and our room. It has been almost a month of dust, drill, hitting and knocking.

It's a new look. From tiles to choice of bathroom accessories, my significant half handles all. I have been busy with work, trips outstation and church works. I appreciate it very much.

I also have a new understanding of my significant half. The bathroom is more important to him than it is to me. It means he spends more time in the bathroom. It also means he has more properties kept in the bathroom. So everything chosen are to his "fancies" and for his convenience.

My properties in the bathroom is the bare minimum, a tooth brush, a facial cleanser, shampoo. That's it. Tooth paste and soap are shared. And his? I took a rough stock last night -

A toooth brush, shampoo (he has his own) and conditioner (one more item more than mine), soap (two types, one is detol), facial cleanser, toner, facial scrub, facial whitening cream, body scrub, hair gel, hair mouse, comb, luxurious bath towels, some magazines stuffed in a basket hung on the wall.

Yes, a mirror. I did not even notice two days ago that there was no mirror in the bathroom. I remarked that it's nice, good taste. He said something still missing. I said, something else? All in the place already. He said, "No Mirror yet." I said I never use the mirror in the bathroom.

I remember a famous writer (could be Liu Yong?) said that to maintain a good marriage relationship, it is important to leave a little space for each other, that is to let the spouse have some privacy. And such little space could be a seperate bathroom.

It is a new understanding of our relationship. Perhaps, because I spend so little time in the bathroom that he seems to own the whole bathroom by himself. He certainly has all the privacy!
He has a mirror in place last night. I saw him appreciating his "creation" with Chris in the bathroom looking into the mirror. I thought I heard him saying, "It's good!"

I have a re-look at my study room. When can I have it re-done too? I know I have to take down the few books authored by Patrick Morley. Why? Because even reading "Man in the mirror", "Seven Seasons for the Man in the Mirror", "Understanding Your Men in the Mirror", "Ten Secrets for the Man in the Mirror", I do not gain much.

The Man In The Mirror is happiest in the bathroom, in his own privacy!

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"Mirror, mirror on the wall; who's the bestest looking of them all?"

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