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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

In the coffee shop

He ordered a fish-noodles. I ordered a Foochow style rice noodles with home-made red wine and egg. She ordered Sibu “Kam-pua Mee” (dried noodles) He ordered an iced Milo “kurang manis”. I ordered a hot chocolate without sugar. She ordered a teh-chi.

We talked about “Milo”. He said he also liked “Vico”. I told him story about “Auntie Jenny” who worked with Nestle and every time she visited our town, she brought along some young girls from the advertising agency and all of them would wear Milo T-shirts. It was like “Milo marching through Sibu town, and Vico has to stand by the side.” I also told him that when I was young “I longed to get sick” because Milo was only for the sick ones in the family. But, I was as strong as a bull and never got sick. As I grew up, I would not like Milo anymore because Milo is only for the sick. I do not wish to get sick.

He told me a joke about a mother who received a call from her son’s teacher reporting that her son stole his classmate’s pencil. The mother asked her son why he stole someone’s else pencil. The son answered that he did not have any pencil. The mother said, “Why don’t you tell me? I can take some from my company!”

She told me about the music that she has downloaded and added that her friend’s father appreciated the music that she listened too.

Food was served. I told him that this Foochow style rice noodles with home-made red wine was one of the specialties of my mother. “So, you remember your mother every time you have this?” Both of them asked.

The Lord has given me such friendship in my children, Rach and Chris. We went for breakfast once a week. They enjoy the food fellowship. I share with them the things that God has shown me. They believe me. This all takes place each week at the same coffee shop.

To me, that coffee shop is the place of sweet fellowship among God, my children and me.

I posted “My Garden” last night because I might be losing that garden to the authority. The authority wants to take back part of the land for building a double-lane road in front of my house. My other wise friend far away in Fu-Rong wrote –

Don’t worry about “missing the garden” – build a more beaut one when the time comes. Menawhile, continue planting some flowers in your Good Friend’s lives!

Indeed, the coffee table at the coffee shop where friends meet is the mountain of God, the place for God to reveal His wonderful works and also the sweet fellowship among God, my friends and me!

God gives us the gift of fellowship whether of children or friends to encourage us to enter life – to engage the world, to engage people, to encourage and to challenge.

To every man alive, one must hope, it has in some manner happened that he has talked with his more fascinating friends round a table on some night when all the numerous personalities unfolded themselves like great tropical flowers.
- G.K. Chesterton

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I love talking to my dad as a friend. That's a lovely feeling - something like how we relate to God on friendly terms. Eagerly waiting tho, to be the dad who speaks to his son - tho I'm too young to wait!:)

By Blogger YingKs, at 11:35 am  

That's very heartwarming to hear a young one (Oop.. sorry, but you are young!) who loves to talk to dad as a friend. Way to go, young one!

I am learning, still learning to talk to my 15-year-old daughter as a friend. Learning to talk in her language, listen to her music, and surprisingly, she learns my language and my music too!

Honestly, I learn much from you by reading your blog!

Another, way to go!

By Blogger Yan, at 8:21 pm  

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