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Monday, January 09, 2006

Greater Call to Answer

Greater call to answer

Last Friday, Telekom Malaysia (TM) ran a full page full colour advertisement in The Star. The big words read –

How do you submit to God
When you are talking to someone else?

The smaller print read –

There is always a greater call to answer. We are indeed fortunate to have access to the best of modern communication. Let us also have the wisdom to know when to turn it off. Phones in mosques (and other place of worship) are not only inconsiderate to our fellow worshippers but also disrespectful. Please turn off your phone or switch it to silent mode.

Indeed, it is commendable for people to go to worship places to worship God. However, the value of it vanishes if all we do is sit while our thoughts are elsewhere. The central fact of worship is to listen to the word of God, to listen to the voice of God.

A powerful communicator, Eugene Peterrson has said that true worship does five things to us –

You see God as the centre of everything.
You become part of a family or a congretation.
You begin to understand things you never saw before.
You begin to sing.
You respond to God’s promises with “Amens”.

These are certainly greater calls than these seven selling point –

Get connected
Games, play hard.Internet, surf wherever you can
Entertainment, watch live TV anywhere, all the time
News, live global updates
Business, latest financial news
Sports, live results
Community, share your life with video blogs
Music, make your own party with over 10,000 tones

How about buying Pizza for all worshippers if your phone rings?

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Refreshing to return to Yan's Corner after missing it for a few days! Yes, today's sharing is most relevant - communication with maximum focus! Inasmuch that I get upset when someone is shaking my hand and looks elsewhere!


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