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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Bumper Sticker Hypocrisy

I read this Bumper Sticker Hypocrisy this morning –

A police officer pulled a driver aside and asked for his license and registration.

“What’s wrong, Officer?” the driver asked. “I didn’t go through any red lights, and I certainly wasn’t speeding.”

“No, you weren’t”, said the officer, “but I saw you waving your fist as you swerved around the lady driving in the left lane, and I further observed you flushed an angry face as you shouted at the driver of the Hummer who cut you off, and how you pounded your steering wheel when the traffic came to stop near the bridge.”

“Is that a crime, officer?”

“No, but when I saw the ‘Jesus loves you and so do I’ bumper sticker on the car, I figured this car had to be stolen.”

(Adapted from Homiletics magazine, May 2004; submitted by Gino Grunberg, Gig Harbor, Washington)

Incidentally, Elie Yourssef Najem also asked: What is my crime? (The Star carries the story today. The Star just reached my office table. Yes, The Star reached Sibu at noon.)

Indeed, what’s his crime?

Even the Immigration Department enforcement director Datuk Ishak Mohamed does not know why Najem remained free despite having overstayed his social visit pass. Najem is supposed to be held in the department’s detention centre for overstay. Read the story just below Najem’s question –

Dept to probe why businessman remains free (The Star, Page N3)

Immigration Department can’t answer Najem’s question, what’s my crime?

In the same story, Umno Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin was “brave” enough to say that many Malaysians, including journalists (the “including journalists” are my understanding) are no better than a school child! He said, I quote, “It does not make sense. He declares that he is worth USD46.5bil (RM174.3bil). Even a schoolchild can see through that.”

I blush with shame – I confess.

I wonder whether Najem’s cars carry any bumper sticker? Does your car carry any bumper sticker? Watch up, the school children can see through that!

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