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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Why do we come here for?

Last Sunday at the worship service after singing the three-fold amen, Chris asked, “Why do we have to sing Amen three times, isn’t it simpler just to say Amen in one accord one time?”

People come to church for different reasons.

For some, it is for personal benefit. Personal benefit means to get something out of it. It may be vague, but still it’s legitimate.

For some, it is for socializing. There is a need to meet someone. That someone may be a friend, a lover, a secret admirer, a business friend, or just meeting people. That’s the basic need of human, it’s understandable.

Some enjoy the music and singing. Some like the hymns. These reasons are acceptable if you really mean what you sing. I remember a man burst into laughter while singing in the church. When the wife asked the reason. He said, “I wonder how true it is for all those millionaires in our midst when they sing, take my silver and my gold not a mite would I withhold..”

Some like the preaching.

None of the reasons seems really wrong.

With various reasons also come various expectations. Like little Chris, he thinks an “Amen” in one accord is as good as singing “Amen” three times. Some think that a worship service should be in order with all program in proper. Some prefer to be led by the spirit and be free in worship. Some demand that the congregation raise their hands while singing or praying. Some feel uneasy about raising and clapping of hands.

A poem by Sam Walter Foss tells it all –

“The proper way for a man to pray,”
Said Deacon Lemuel Keys,
“And the only proper attitude
Is down upon his knees.”

“No, I should say the way to pray,”
Said Revelationerend Doctor Wise
“Is standing straight with outstretched arms
And rapt and upturned eyes.”

“Oh, no, no, no!” said Elder Slow,
“Such posture is too proud.
A man should pray with eyes fast closed
And head contritely bowed.”

“It seems to me his hands should be
Austerely clasped in front
With both thumbs pointing the ground,”
Said Revelationerend Doctor Blunt.

“Last year I fell in Hidgkin’s well
Head first,” said Cyrus Brown,
“With both my heels a-stickin’ up
And my head a-pointin’ down.

And I made a prayer right then and there,
The best prayer I ever said
The praingest prayer I ever prayed
A-standin’ on my head!”

Whatever reasons, whatever expectations, whatever style we prefer in worship, we must come with a heart of truth, sincerity, humility and thanksgiving. The results? Your yourself be uplifted, the people be united, there is a sense of belonging, of caring, and of loving one another, encouraging and admonishing one another, and the worship should prepare the worshippers to serve the needs of the world.

Leaders of 10 Asean countries plus three partners, China, Japan and South Korea and three others, Australia, India and New Zealand are here in Kuala Lumpur talking issues of global and regional interest. Each leader has their own problems at home, even the host has his own problem, but can each of them, go home and say –

The meeting has foster a sense of unity
The meeting has made me feel closer for my neighbours
The meeting has increased the love and unity
The meeting has motivated me to take practical steps to help others
I sense the true and close companionship with other participating countries.

My good friend, Desi, has titled his posting today as “Mu$ic to the ears…” with a dollar sign for “S” in “music”. With a dollar sign in “music” it is expected to hurt the ears. In the singing of praises, psalms and hymns – let’s have a mutual harmonious expression of faith through the music even its ultimate end is a gain in economic sense for all participating countries!

Amen, as in little Chris’ version.


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I go to the Church with the anticipation to meet Him!


By Anonymous Anonymous, at 3:56 pm  

I go to Church to acknowledge my gratitude to our Heavenly Father for His continuous love and blessings. I too enjoy the choir and the church music. I know some to to Church to behave like the Pharisee!

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 6:56 pm  

dear Yan:

my prayer everyday
God watches o'er mGf
and also Me,
with Love
and Charity.
For you, highly treasure
thy constancy
for fRiendship and L've!

Have a peAceful Yuletide
in Sin-land
Just don't sin(g) too loudly
Don't disturb thy neighbours
in Catsville and FuRong:)

By Blogger desiderata, at 10:06 pm  

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