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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Start Breathing!

Last night, Little Chris asked, “What is the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?”

With his challenging look, I know it must be something not of the routine of brushing the teeth.

So, I said, “Thanking God for another good day.” At the back of my mind, I thought the answer that Chris wants could be breathing.

“No, don’t you breathe? But, I can’t say you are wrong.”

I would not want to miss the opportunity to ask him what’s wrong when a man said this, “I have lived for 90 years without God. I don’t think I need him now.”

Bewildered, “You are kidding, who does not need God? Even the air that we breathe is God’s.”

Indeed, it can be incredible. Someone who breathe God’s air, something he does not invent or produce, someone who enjoy the beauty of nature which he does not create, someone who lives by means of the sunshine, the rain and the life’s provisions which come from God, and yet still declare that he has lived for 90 years without God!

I have a plaque that I hang just beside my bed. Most of the mornings, that is the first thing I read –

No thought is worth thinking
That is not the thought of God

No sight is worth seeing
Unless it is seen through His eyes

No breath is worth breathing
Without thanks to the One
Whose very breath it is.

What a way to begin the day!

It is the business of people who have been born again to keep on learning from his Word how God thinks, to obey that Word, and then to reach out and meet the human needs we find all around us. This is the true message of Christmas.

If you are in Sibu, you are invited to come to share the joy of Christmas with messages, carols, and choir singing at Wesley Methodist Church tonight. The service starts at 7:00 pm.

I also share at mGf, Desi's cyber home here in the light of Christmas. But, mGf said "It came upon a midnight clear". Oop... whatever the horse (host) says.

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