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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Sealed With A Prayer

I have stopped sending Christmas cards for many years. I could not remember for how long. I decided to stop because of the hundreds of cards received by the company and hundreds of cards that our department have to sent out during those days working in the administrative department. I thought it was too commercial. It has lost its meaning totally.

When dobbs wrote a few days ago that she had sent out her Christmas cards this year, it sort of touched a soft spot of my heart. However, it was just that moment. Life went on, I ignored that. This early morn, I read two articles from the Guidepost also about Christmas cards.

Sue Ellen Hudson of Alabama, like me also stop sending Christmas cards a few years ago because “it had turned into a chore I did by rote”.

But Sue’s meeting with her friend over coffee gave her new meaning on sending Christmas cards. Her friend has always liked the idea of greeting people at Christmas. Her friend called that “mail-a-prayer”. Sue’s friend explained –

“As I write the address for each name on my list I think of some special need that person may have. Or a problem or goal. When I seal the envelope, I ask God to help and guide him.”

In another message from Sabra Ciancnellli, Web Editor of Guideposts Newsletter, Sabra recalled how she and her mother used the previous years’ Christmas cards to make a collage that they turned into an advent calendar. In December, each morning as they opened a little door of the calendar, her mother always remembered the giver of each card and when they opened the door of their image, they said a special prayer for that person.

Sabra wrote –

It was a wonderful way to count down to Christmas, a tradition I think about when I hear people counting down the shopping days, as it helps me to remember the greatest gifts are not things we buy.

I know I am going to shop for cards while in Sing-land as Jim Reeves’ An Old Christmas Card brings many memories of yester-years –

An Old Christmas Card

There’s an Old Christmas Card in an old dusty trunk
And it brings back sweet memories dear to me
‘Though it’s faded and worn, it’s as precious as the morn
When I found it ‘neath our first Christmas tree

I thrill with every word, every line
Guess I’m always sentimental ‘round this time
Pardon me if a tear falls among my Christmas cheer
It’s the memory of an Old Christmas Card

You know, I don’t know why I get to feeling sentimental
About this time, every year
But every time I see a Christmas card
I somehow can’t help reminiscing
About the very first Christmas that you and I spent together
What a beautiful Christmas card you gave me that year.
Why? I know you must have looked through thousands of cards
To find that wonderful poem that still brings a tear to my eyes.

Dear, dear friends of this cyber world, I know I could just click and send you an electronic card, but I would like to send you a card, seal with a prayer, if you allow me, drop your address in my mailbox (phylliswyy@gmail.com) please.

I am rushing to my office to pick out my address book and some call cards of friends. I still have one hour before I leave for airport.  I have all the time in Sing-land and all the heart to send friends card, sealed with a prayer.

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I have also stopped sending Christmas (and CNY and birthday) cards long ago. I cannot remember the last time I sent out a snail-mail letter. Don't know whether this is good or bad :(

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