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Friday, December 02, 2005

The Other Message

So, the execution has been carried out at dawn this morning.

Much to my surprise, I read the “strongest message” from the Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard. I picked up bits and pieces from the Australian newspapers –

Prime Minister John Howard has used the execution of Nguyen Tuong Van as a
warning to young people to stay away from drugs.

The 25-year-old from Melbourne went to the gallows in Singapore’s Changi Prison at 6 am local time today, three years after being arrested at Changi Airport with almost 400 grams of heroin.

“I don’t believe in capital punishment, he was convicted drug trafficker and that is to be wholly condemned,” Mr Howard told radio 3AW.

“(But) I hope the strongest message that comes out of this, above everything else, is a message to the young of Australia.”

“Don’t have anything to do with drugs. Don’t use them, don’t touch them, don’t carry them, don’t traffic in them and don’t imagine for a moment – for a moment – that you can risk carrying drugs anywhere in Asia without suffering the most severe consequences.”

“I think that is the most important message that should come out of this traumatic and tragic event, over and above anything else, if there’s to be a message.”

Yan’s thoughts –

Nguyen wrote from his prison, “So many things I should have done. And should not have.”

Julian McMahon, Melbourne barrister said of Nguyen's mother last moments with her son, "She was inconsolable, she was taken away from a person she loves with her whole heart - a happy, health, wholefully cheerful, good young man, who made a terrible mistake."

We tend to say things like, if I have a life to live all over again, I would have done this, or I would not have done this ….. If, if …

A terrible mistake left a mother inconsolable ...

We can be living right now, at the same time experiencing death right now. Death is not something waiting for you at the end of your life. You are experiencing death if your life is filled with fear, guilt, hostility and emptiness.

What is living then? Take the opposites -

If death is fear
then life is trust, hope and confidence.
If death is guilt
then life is a feeling of acceptance, security, and assurance.
If death is hostility
then life is love, friendliness, kindness and reaching out to others.
If death is emptiness
then life is a sense of well-bring, fulfillment, excitement, vitality and fullness of life.

With life – comes peace, hope and love!

P/S Today's post has been an inspiration from mGf Desi.

8 comment(s):

got here after meeting my DEADline, about 2 hours late?!
ne'er mind, exchanging INspiration is also sharing!
of course, life is not worth living if missin a deadline is that deadly!

it's not.
life is deadly if one has eyes, one does not see
one has ears, does not listen

one has much, does not give
one has a heart
does not share

Yan-you truly share
and for that: I'm your pupil
You're my seefool! Pardon my spell-2mucxh blogosphere influence!

thou art too modest!

By Blogger desiderata, at 4:04 pm  

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By Anonymous joe, at 7:56 pm  

"With life – comes peace, hope and love!"

DITTO to that. I love life! :)

By Blogger JoMel, at 11:52 pm  

Nguyen wrote from his prison, “So many things I should have done. And should not have.” Wonder where I can find the notes he wrote from prison before his execution. I'm sure they would be interesting for my students to read.

By Blogger fishtail, at 10:56 pm  

fishtail, check your mailbox for bits and pieces of Nguyen's letters. According to Sydney Morning Post, the letters would be made public soon.

By Blogger Yan, at 6:49 am  

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