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Monday, December 26, 2005

Not doing anything

By Christopher Lau

When we were in a Christian Bookshop in Singapore choosing a present for my teacher, my Jie-Jie (sister Rachel) suggested to buy a book about how to “teach” students, how to “love” students.

She went on to explain, “Then Chris would not be abused by this teacher next year! He will have a great time!”

My Jie-Jie does not know that Jesus has changed this teacher. She has been a loving teacher since Jesus came into her life. In fact, she was “OK” even before that, only that she was very strict.

I remember last year on Christmas Eve, we went to fetch this teacher to the Church. I sat next to her. Later, I learnt that one of my classmates said to his mum, “Poor Christopher, having to sit next to this teacher.”

Now, my mother is her good friend. However, don’t think that I am his favourite boy and live happily ever after in her class. She still punishes me when I am naughty.

The moral of the story is Santa knows when you are good, when you are bad, you better watch up!

Yesterday, I went to the Family Christmas Party of my mummy’s colleagues. When the “game master” asked for some male participants in the first game, I was the first one to stand up. I ended up making a fool of myself. The game was to dress up as a “Miss Santa” and be judged as “Miss Santa”.

I wonder whether they could organize better games. Boring!

The moral of the story is always know where you are heading before you jump into it.

Yan’s remarks

So, the moral of the two stories?

Christmas is over. Sit in your garden today. Not thinking. Not doing. Not worrying. Appreciate the pleasure of being alive!

I am not going to write anything today. In fact, I thought of writing one on “Remembering My Father” since most of my friends here are “Fathers”. But, but, I found this wisdom just now (can-do one, to share with “Fathers”). Here it goes –

I find time spent doing nothing really important and as soon as I complicate it, it loses something. If I add a cup of coffee to my solitude, then it’s a coffee break and not a space just for me. If I listen to music, then it’s a music break. If I have a companion with me and I chat, then it’s a social occasion. If I read the papers, then I have moved away entirely from the concept of a little space for me. Keep it simple. Keep it bare. Keep it pure.
- Richard Templar

Remember? My mother taught me always to have a little margin or a little space.

During my teenage years*, my late father always said, “Find something to do. You can’t idle your days away like that! You will never amount to anything by having nothing to do.”

*(My father passed on right after I out-grown my teenage years.)

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Hi Yan:

Yes, a little space, a little margin or a little break, even if it's with kit-kat, will do well in our present world of stress and strain.

The best use of this break is during the early dawn...closing the eyes, we let our spirit free to roam, feel and hear those little words of wisdom from afar, to re-energize our body and re-assure our mind.

Thanks for the idea.

By Anonymous jpsc, at 4:46 pm  


Take a break, take a kit-kat? Then it's "kit-kat time", not my time. Just kidding.

I hope you have taken a break yesterday or even today.

Thanks for dropping by! Make yourself at home! It's always a delight to read your contribution.

By Blogger Yan, at 3:01 pm  

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