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Friday, December 30, 2005

Life, the Lessons, Food, the Fellowship

For the past two nights, my best friend, Sandra and I have adopted this philosophy –

Into this world to eat and to sleep
And to know no reason why he was born
Save to consume the corn
Devour the cattle, flock and fish
And leave behind an empty dish.

Well, we have consumed the quantity of food equals to the total of our normal one week’s meals in two nights! We are very “watchful eaters”. That quantity of food is not unthinkable. To many, it may be your normal one-meal quantity!

The first night we went to a steamboat BBQ by the pool at a leading hotel in Kuching. There, we stayed from 6:30 pm to 09:30 pm.

Last night, we went to a Japanese food buffet also at the same hotel but in a comfortable coffee house. From 8:30 pm to close midnight!

The Japanese food buffet was packed. It was not cheap. For both nights, if we have to pay out from pocket, it would be close to RM200. But, thanks to my significant half for the two complimentary buffet vouchers which he “contributed” to the fulfillment of our body, heart and soul!

Food and talk naturally go together very nicely. Nothing help conversation more than to sit down around a table of food and to talk and eat together!

For the past two nights, the fragrance of friendship and fellowship covered the aroma of food. When I returned to my hotel room that overlooked the beautiful Sarawak River, there was a deep sense of gratitude. A gratitude to God for provision of friendship!

Food can be for fellowship. Food can also be for life lessons!

One of the treasured memories of my two children have for their “gong-gong” (grandfather) is the mealtime. Dad-in-law was a busy businessman. But, at mealtimes, he was always that loving “gong-gong”. It was through the conversations shared at mealtimes that the children learnt from him the courage, the confidence, the joy and the wisdom that produce a sense of reality of God in our home around the table.

Indeed, conversations over food at the table are always sparkling, bright and interesting!

It’s Biblical too, go to Deuteronomy –

“talk of them when you sit in your house. – Deut. 6:7b

When do you sit down in your house? One of the times is mealtime!

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i hv problem log-in to your blog not until u send me the link.

so i am reading your yester year blog.

i cannot help laughing when remembering how much food we ate that day and despite leaving no space in our tummy we lamented some food we missed out. ya, we are not ourselves really. always concious of what we ate but we are really indulging ourselves. no regrets... it was the company that counts. thanks my dear friend.

fyi, i have a good 3 days fast without food and drink on the second week of January 06 for the "sin" committed on overeating. Ha..ha...just kidding (the fast is truth)

By Anonymous st, at 11:09 pm  

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