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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Level 13 - Possibly Minor Depression

You have reached level 13 on the Goldberg scale

0-9 - Depression unlikely
10-17 - Possibly minor depression
18-21 - On the verge of depression
21-35 - Minor to moderate depression
26-53 - Moderate to severe depression
above 54 - Severe depression

You have some symptoms of depression. Some of these symptoms normally occur in many people. It is difficult to say whether you will need treatment or not, but it is worth speaking to your doctor about how you feel.

Depression is a disease like any other disease, and it can be treated very effectively. Recognising that you are suffering from depression is the first positive step. If you are depressed, you should arrange to see your doctor to talk about the illness right away. You may also want to raise the issue with your friends and family. You should look for support from these people you until you get well. Anyone can suffer from depression, and the symptoms can vary from person to person. Treatments, including medication and psychotherapy, have a very high success rate.

Please note that this test result is not a certain assessment of your mental health. You should always consult a doctor if you feel depressed or if you feel that worries and anxiety have taken over and affected the activities of your daily life.

Medical adviser: Jørgen Holm, specialist
Source and copyright: Dr. Ivan K. Goldberg

This is the result of my test!

I run a test for myself (did a google and just hit one sit for a test) after reading Deputy Human Resources Minister that “whether they like it or not, they need to have the tests.”

What tests? Psychiatric test to find out whether workers are “depressed” or “burn-out”.

Look like I need to see a Psychiatrist! I wonder what will employer do with the above result. Adjusting their system of increment? Asking the employee to leave? Sending them to psychiatrist to be counseled?

I am “worried”. I am “depressed” and I am “burnt-out”! Am I? No, not at all. My employer said, “No mad person will admit that he/she is mad.”

A bleak future..….

Dear Datuk Abdul Rahan Bakar, have mercy on us!

I am just musing with the new directive from the Minister on screening all employees of their mental health next year. But, I believe, many will be worried – employers and employees alike. Reasons? Do we have enough psychiatrist? I want to talk to one, but I have not found in my town!

Let’s face it. Whatever comes along, face it and find a solution.

Interestingly, I read that C.W. Lewis also suffered from clinical depression. Lewis showed signs of clinical depression before his conversion. In his diary and letters, he appears irritable, pessimistic, gloomy and hopeless. After his conversion, joy was “the central story of my life”. His friends described him as cheerful and outgoing. Lewis found happiness with his newly established relationship with the Creator.

Lewis said that God cannot give us happiness apart from Himself, because it is there, there is no such thing.

Be comforted that there is hope. All of this, then, rests upon the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ. What would we do without that to live today? Keep working, keep occupied, face the problems of life, and handle them all with the sense that the Lord of peace himself will give us peace in all ways and at all times.

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yan: writers suffering fom Depression is routinely expected -- it's when they graduate into Insanity -- an immediate neighbour of Ms Creativity.

Me -- my Moo-ing counsellor steal says I'm having the Ignorance Is Bliss syndrome -- isit dangerous?

By Blogger desiderata, at 5:43 pm  

You depressed? Surely not!! A person who can write happy and inspirational posts like yours is definitely not a depressed person!

By Blogger fishtail, at 10:55 pm  

Surely not! Just musing with the issue.

Thank you for thinking so highly of me. Wish you are my boss!

By Blogger Yan, at 8:48 am  

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