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Sunday, December 04, 2005

I belong

Last week I purchased three tickets for myself and two other officers to go to Kuala Lumpur for a Girls’ Brigade Meeting. We shall travel on AirAsia. I bought the tickets online. I paid a total of RM299.94 for three return adult tickets (Sibu/KL/Sibu) including  airport taxes.

On the same day, I used 75,000 Malaysia Airline Enrich points to redeem three return adult tickets (Sibu/Kuching/Singapore/Kuching/Sibu) for myself, my significant half and my teen-age daughter. I went to MAS office to collect the tickets and was shocked that on top of the 75,000 points, I have to pay a hefty RM1,500 plus for one child ticket for my 10-year-old son, fuel charges and taxes for the three adults “free” tickets.

Expensive as it may be, my first choice is always MAS. From the number of points I have earned in the enrich membership, you would probably see that “sense of belonging” to the national carrier.

AirAsia’s CEO Tony Fernandes was here in Sibu yesterday. Tony was one of the speakers invited to the two-day Sibu Development Forum. He suggested Sibu to come up with a brand name with emphasis on the Rejang River to promote and sell Sibu as a tourist destination. “It needs all the courage of the people of Sibu and their creativity and innovative mind to really make things happen.” Tony said.

I also read the MAS story in NST yesterday. NST reported – If first impression count, Idris scored well. Several MAS employees said that he was a down-to-earth person. I remember in September when it was announced that Idris shall head MAS, I posted proudly, “Yeah, Sarawakian picked to head MAS”.

The Prime Minister also talked on accountability and transparency to over 500 management staff of MAS. He said MAS staff should survive, strive and succeed.

A brand name, a down-to-earth person, accountability, transparency, survive, strive and succeed, the joyful shouting of “yeah” – these are the hunger of man. If I am allowed to use other words, these are mirrors of our needs –

To belong
To be accepted
To be loved
To have an identity
To have a relationship
To have a cause to live
To have a cause to die for

It’s a sense of belonging.

If you want to solve any problem of life, or to turn around an organization, it all begins here – the need to belong.

Friends of Idris have remarked

...It would not surprise me if he rolled up his sleeves and helped out the crew during a flight. That is the kind of person he is.

Can Idris make MAS staff feel that they belong to MAS, they are accepted in MAS, they are loved, they have an identity, they have a relationship, they have a cause to turn around MAS?

It begins here, the basis upon which all relationships of life, all problems of life can be worked out – meet the deep and clamant cry of the human heart – I belong to the family. I belong to the organization. I belong to the Creator. I am accepted by the family. I am accepted by the organization. I am accepted by Him.

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