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Saturday, December 24, 2005

Beautiful Words To Live By

Joy. Peace. Love. Hope.

These are just a few of the beautiful words we share with each other at Christmas. They are words of power and tenderness which flow from the reality of God’s Word, Jesus Christ. They scatter the clouds of spiritual hopelessness that sometimes gather in our hearts, and bring with them all the light and promise of eternity.

There are many other words we hold special and dear at Christmas. Words that kindle memories of the past and hold out hope for the future.

Words like family and home. Friendship. Laughter and Celebration.

Each one, like a favourite photograph in a family album, evokes an image in our minds as we welcome Christmas again.

The words above are the narration part of the Choir presentation tonight.

I attended the usual Christmas Eve Service tonight. What is usual for this Christmas Eve Service is that it is always a Cantata when the choir sing for almost an hour with a short message. The main message comes from the Cantata presented by the Choir.

Tonight’s service was “unusual” because it was not a Cantata. The Choir sang, but it was a much shorter presentation. Tonight’s service was “unusual” also because even without the Cantata, it touched my heart over and over again.

I met the choir conductor at the entrance of the church where I distributed bulletin. The conductor of the church evening service choir of some 30 years. I have known him for 30 years! I was his choir member some 30 years back for a number of years until I got married and could not find time for the weekly practices. But, I make it a point that each Christmas, I go back to sing. 30 years is a long, long time. If I am to live for 60 years, it’s half of my life! But, it seems like only yesterday that I sang joyfully in the choir!

A mention of meeting the choir conductor at the entrance because we don’t meet each other every week because I go to 7:30 morning service, while he is still the conductor of the 5:00 pm evening service!

I also met a young girl of Girls’ Brigade whom I worked with four years ago. From a teenager, she is now an university student. She comes back for holidays. It’s such a joy to give a pat on her back and said, “well-done.”

There were many, many friends ….

Christmas is about friends, isn’t it not?

It is also about families – my significant half, my mother-in-law, Rachel and Christopher were all there!

Based on the few beautiful words that we share during Christmas, here are my prayers –

JOY - God, do not let me be satisfied with anything less than the joy of being in your presence. Protect me from anything that might lure me away from that simple joy.

PEACE - God, reign in my heart. When life’s storms rage, only you can give me peace. And when my circumstances are calm, I pray that you will give me your peace then too.

HOPE - God, thanks to you I have hope – not just for this life, but for eternity too. Christ in me is the hope for glory. All praise to the One who is my hope.

LOVE - God, you have loved me beyond my wildest dreams. Make me shine like a mirror to reflect that love to those around me – that my joy may be full.

To my friends, far and near, May the joy, peace, hope and love be yours too, this Christmas and many, many more to come. I do not have much to offer you, perhaps, like Bee Gees sang –

It’s only words, and words are all I have, to take your heart away.

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Hi Yan,

As mentioned in my first mail to you, I truly respect your Christian view on the many issues of the day. Coming from a Catholic Christian family myself, I (though not a good one) can relate to most of your thoughts penned so beautifully in your corner; honestly, you have been blessed with that spiritual enlightenment which gives that additional touch of life to otherwise mere words, such as Joy, Peace, Love and Hope. Just as a singer, who sings with sincere emotions from the heart, can move the listeners to tears.

Yes, like the Bee Gees, you may have only words to offer, but it is your thought, coming from the heart, that makes all the difference. Sincerity and humility cannot be faked, that is what I believe.

Keep on writing, you never know how many readers are directly or indirectly touched by what you may think simple little words. Embarrassingly, I must admit that the first time I read some of your posts, I felt rather guilty of not having read sufficiently or regularly the Bible.

It's been vey nice communicating with you, till then,

A Blessed Christmas to you and your beloved family.

By Anonymous JPsc, at 11:43 pm  


Thanks for all the kind words. Like most Asians, I find it difficult to accept praises.

Glad that my words make sense to you, as Desi said, even if there is only one reader to his blog, he will continue writing.

And, today, I seem to grasp his meaning.

Even if there is only one visitor to my blog, and my words make sense to him/her, I'll be encouraged to go on.

Blessed Christmas to you also, and to your family too.

By Blogger Yan, at 10:48 am  

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