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Sunday, November 06, 2005

What would your last meal be?

“Nasi bayani and palak panear (cottage cheese cubes in spinach paste) from Shahi Maharami Restaurant from Raffles City. I’d get permission to bring in outside food, too – curry fish head and fried fish cutlets from Soon Heng in Kinta Road.”

I enjoyed a very “spicy” articles featured in Sunday Times (Singapore.

That is the last meal of Dr William Chong, CEO of Pacific Healthcare Holdings.

Dr Chong, an aesthetic dentist specialist in inplant dentistry, described himself as a real creature of habit. He would only eat in five restaurants in Singapore.

Food to go with football are dark chocolates, Ruffles potato chips in sour cream and onion flavour and prawn crackers.

He is 43.

You think you can afford all the joy? Read on …

He jogs or walks 5 km every morning. He also takes between 15 and 20 pills a day, from Omega 3 for cholesterol to multi-vitamins. Before a heavy meal, he takes fiber pills to regulate his sugar metabolism.

Indeed, a life full of spices he leads!

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