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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Hello Darkness

Yes, you recognize that the title of this posting is taken from the song “The Sounds of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel ….

“Hello Darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again.”

Is it an accurate description of the way many people feel today? They are living in darkness, without even knowing what’s wrong. We live in a confusing world. We are proud of our achievements. When we think of “darkness”, we think of uncivilized people, or people behind the bars.

But, “Hello Darkness, my old friend, I’ve come to talk with you again” rightly describes the way people feel today!

I read one of our young ones’ blog occasionally. He is “popular” among the teenagers. Having a young teen at home and working with some young ones, I want to know what they may be exposed to. Recently, he posted his experience of taking “Ketamine” and even showed a video of him snorting the 2g drug! He wrote –

It is a great drug. I love ketamine – every trip is always enlightening. It’s very intense and can be scary during the k-hole, but if you overcome your fear of death, it will be a great teacher to you.

That is darkness! A young boy who thinks that he has overcomed the fear of darkness, who thinks taking drugs is enlightening, who thinks the trip is a great teacher to him – he is living in darkness!

He even does not recognize what is wrong!

Yes, we are watching the world falling apart. Everyday, there are no short of news on violence in the newspapers. That is darkness!

T. S. Eliot's poem, The Rock, says,

All our knowledge brings us nearer to our ignorance,
And all our ignorance brings us nearer to death,
But nearness to death no nearer to God.
Where is the life we have lost in living?

I have nothing against this song. I even like this song, from my teen years to now, and I know, for many more years to go, I’ll still like this song.

My good friend, Desiderata looks at the song differently. It’s certainly enlightening!

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hi yan:

Thanks for the shAring -- often it's in the darkness that some Light shines throught ...later maybe.

Tomorrow it's Wednesday, and I hope your shAring TOUCHES some Wednesday's Child full of woe, somewhere,
who have eyes, but do not see...

I'm do-ing some CONSCRIPTION past midnight todAy -- being A SpeciAl Day -- celebrating the Festival of Light -- when GOoD Triumphs Over Evil.

I'm paying no royaty fees because I heard when you spreAd the GOoD Word around, no payments may be collected!:)

PS: If thou art puXXled what Desi's mumbling about, it's done with a purpose, to MISSlead you to find Da Answer at Desi'S Place at 12.01AM. Do I say Adieu for now, or just a prior GOoDNite?:)

By Blogger desiderata, at 7:10 pm  

Hie Yan. Darkness is really scary and praise to Lord to be in our lives. Everytime I see darkness, I talk to Him, and after I do, light would come into my path. =) Light is love, and love is God.

By Anonymous Yvonne Foong, at 8:54 pm  

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By Anonymous Anonymous, at 12:06 am  

Sometimes, it is because some people have encountered darkness that they appreciate light. Unlike the fish: they would never understand "Dry" because they have always been "Wet." Sometime I need to encounter tears in order to appreciate joy more.

By Blogger fishtail, at 10:21 am  

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