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Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The early birds

Will you spend S$30,000 over two years for your six-year-old daughter to participate in beauty and talent contests?

You may, if the prizes are attractive. But, the cash award is only USD250!

You may, if you have more than enough to spare. But, the parents who dare to spend are from the civil service.

You may, if you believe that winning contests will give them that confidence to do better in their studies. That’s the reason given by a mother whose eight-year-old daughter has already bagged home six titles.

Sunday Times (Singapore) reported -

For their investment of almost S$30,000 over two years, civil servant Tan Kian Thong, 48, and his wife got just US$250 in return. Not that they are complaining.

The doting parents had spent the sum on singing and dance lessons, as well as costumes, for their six-year-old daughter, Gwen.

Psychiatrists say otherwise –

Dr Pauline Sim, a psychiatrist at Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, says, “Beauty contests may teach a child false values like exterior beauty being more important. She could only be doing it to live up to her parents’ dream.

Consultant psychiatrist Brian Yeo, also from Mt Elizabeth Medical Centre, adds, “There is the element of competition at such a young age. With the expectations of the parents, they might not be able to take the agony of losing.”

Early birds? Well, birds are sensitive now with avian flue on, early starters, a better term.

Pros and cons?

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I won't spend that kind of money, not just because I can't afford it, but more because as Dr Sim said, the child may pick up a false sense of value, eg exterior beauty, etc.

By Blogger fishtail, at 11:44 pm  

the parents should spend the money instead on consulting Dr Pauline Sim -- let the six-year-old roam free in the neighbourhood and do the hop skip and jump.

what's wrong with these parents? Out of this world?
At 6, the gal should let her natural beauty -- innocence, spontaneity flow!

By Blogger desiderata, at 7:01 pm  

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