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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Till Death Do Us Part

It is a bitter day for our beloved Prime Minister today. The Bernama news flash –

PUTRAJAYA, Oct 20 (Bernama) -- Prime Minister's wife Datin Seri Endon Mahmood passed away at 7.55 am Thursday at the Prime Minister's official residence Seri Perdana Putrajaya, Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi told Bernama.-- BERNAMA

It is perhaps the lowest point ever reached by human, and the sunset for him of all earth’s hopes and expectations – the passing on of his dear life companion.

All the dear sweet days. That beautiful girl who captured his heart long, long ago. Those wonderful times. The sunlight glittering in her hair. The radiance of her face on her wedding day. The softness of her touch. The grace of her caress. Love that drew them together. Through the bad times. Through the good times.

Each remembrance brings a heartache in the grief of this hour…

But, it is not the end of the story –

When shadows come into your life, it is a sign that there must be light somewhere. As Paul says, "Set your minds on things that are above, not on things that are on the earth," (Colossians 3:2 RSV). With the nation praying for our beloved Prime Minister at this hour, May God grant him this attitude, this state of mind, that gives strength and grace and peace to the grieving heart.


Our Father, as we pray together for our beloved Prime Minister for the loss of his dear life companion, our own hearts enter with sympathy.

We know life can often strike us with terrible blows. At this time we feel the hurt of it and the loneliness of it. We know that we can be shaken sometimes by the things which take place.

But we thank you, Lord, that though there are things that can be shaken, there are also things that cannot be.

When our faith is resting upon you. When our hearts have been captured by one who has said that we can never be fully satisfied with what is here below, our eyes will fix by the light that streams from the city beyond. Grant us that strength to press on toward that so we may be fitted and made ready for that place.

In Jesus' name, Amen.

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Dear Yan:

Join thee in your prayer wellsentup, with a peAceful Amin to a life well lived, and entwined with a life left behind in sorrow. We wish our PM strength and full of God's grace at his hour of need and grief. Amen.

By Blogger desiderata, at 12:30 pm  

Dear Yan,

Remember reading your blog on waving good-bye yesterday. Today, we said goodbye to PM's wife. I do not know her personally, but I think highly of her of her charity and bravity in fighting the cancer.

She has fought a good fight.

Thank you, Yan, for always having something to share.

Love, lw

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 4:35 pm  


By Blogger Bkworm, at 6:24 pm  

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