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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Please, Thank You

Early this year our Prime Minister launched a nationwide courtesy and noble values campaign. It aims to develop the moral and spiritual characters of Malaysians.

A booklet was printed by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage listing the courteous qualities and noble values -
  1. Belief in God
  2. loyalty to king and country
  3. obedience to laws and regulations
  4. sincerity
  5. mutual respect
  6. love and affection
  7. community spirit
  8. knowledgeableness
  9. physical and mental cleanliness
  10. neighbourliness
  11. cooperative spirit
  12. moderation
  13. thankfulness
  14. competitiveness
  15. valuing time
  16. spirit of community living
  17. giving and receiving pardon
  18. self discipline
  19. responsibility
  20. trustworthiness
  21. fairness and justice
  22. helping one another
  23. agreeableness
  24. care and concern
  25. patience
  26. understanding
  27. tolerance
  28. sympathy
  29. humility
  30. earnestness
  31. respect for every individual’s rights
  32. love of self, family, neighbours and society
  33. holiness of heart
  34. positive thinking
  35. good conduct
  36. sacrifice
  37. sharing good and bad fortunes
  38. genuineness
  39. courage
  40. generous disposition
  41. confidence,
  42. ontentedness
  43. gentleness
  44. directness
  45. ambition
  46. not taking others’ rights
  47. and loving the environment.

47 of them! How many of us can practised all of them? It left me in much despair when I first took note of it early this year. We are entering the 10th month, it means near to the end of the first year's campaign, I am still in despair for both myself and many of my fellow Malaysians watching at the list!

Well, we got to start somewhere, somehow, or are we not?

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