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Sunday, October 16, 2005


Yes, it is Bill Gates. It is also the gates. It is all about gates on a beautiful Sunday morning.

Last night, I picked up an old issue of Fortune magazine. Fortune's David Kirkpatrick spoke to Bill Gates and Ray Ozzie on "How to escapte Email Hell". The interviews was done in June 2005. Microsoft bought Ozzie's Groove Networks in March 2005. Gates has called Ozzie "the best programmer who doesn't work for Microsoft." Now, they are working on collaborating software to help workers to get beyond today's email travails.

We used to work at a specific time. We come home at specific time. Now, with emails, it seems the gate between our work and home is being torn down. Even as we travel from office to home, we are still being bombarded by emails!

Not only that, with people just a "click" away, the gate that guarded us from some legal issues is also being weakened. Bill Gates himself has been nailed in court through email that was found in legal discovery. Gates said,"I live an examined life. Basically every email that I have ever sent has been looked at by something like 30 to 40 lawyers to see if there's anyway it can be misconstrued."

An examined life is keeping in repairs the gates of our lives. Gates are means of access and egress in the Scripture. They represent ways of entering other people's lives and also letting them into ours, of reaching out to others, and allowing them to share our thoughts and feeling.

In the book of Nehemiah Chapter 3, there are many gates mentioned. Now, join me to see the different gates of our lives.

The first one is the Sheep Gate. The Sheep Gate is where we begin our Chrisitan life. Remember how zealous we are for the Lord when we first met him? It is as sweet as our First Love. As times go by, the passions fades. Watch up, you need to repair the Sheep Gate to grow into a stronger Christian!

The next one is the Fish Gate. We are to be the "fishers of men". Be a witness in your deeds and actions!

The Valley Gate is the next one. "Valley" is usually referred as humility in the Scripture. Have we been proud? Have we been arrogant? Time to rebuild the Valley Gate and be humble.

The next gate is the gate of elimination. It is called Dung Gate. It sounds awful. But, this is the gate where all the rubbish and corrupted things in our lives found their way out and be dumped and cleansed.

The next gate is Fountain Gate. A fountain is always overflow with water. It means a spirit filled life that overflows. It cleansed after the Dung Gate. How aptly it has been placed.

Water Gate comes next. When you are thirsty, you need water. In Christian life, we need God's words to help us grow.

Horse Gate reminds us that we are in the battleground. Life is always full of struggles. Be reminded and repair the gate lest you fall due to hardships in life.

The next gate is Inspection Gate. A timely reminder that we need to give an account of our journey!

The Scripture leads us back to the first gate, the Sheep Gate. It the beginning and ending of our lives.

While Bill Gates is working to re-organize our work life, let's get organized in our own lives, guard our different gates in life - guard, rebuild, repair and maintain!

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