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Saturday, October 08, 2005


By Christopher Lau

A year ago, I wanted to make my hair stand. No matter how much gel I applied, it just did not work. I want to be cool like my friends.

My mummy told me being cool is not just having hair that stand up! It means “thumbs up” in many things we do.

On Thursday evening, I was playing football at my friend’s house. A boy riding on a big motorbike skipped and fell. There were some people passing by. None of them helped the big brother. They just stood there and watched. My friends and I were also standing in the football field watching.

As the boy was struggling to pull up his motorcycle, my mummy arrived. I saw mummy stopped her car by the roadside. She tried to pull up the motorbike, but she could not do it. Still no one came and helped. My mummy called me to help. Together with mummy, we pushed the motorbike to the side of the compound.

I think the boy broke his arm. My mummy asked whether to send him to his house or the hospital. The boy said he stayed very near and asked mummy to send him home. My mummy asked whether there is anyone at home. The boy said his mummy is at home.

So, my mummy helped him into our car and sent him home. As we were about to leave, the boy’s father came home. The father and my mummy actually know each other!

When I saw my mummy helping the boy, I think mummy is cool! To be cool is actually doing things right! Thumbs up for mummy!
It is not cool to go to school on Saturday. I have to go to school today!

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I think that there is no higher praise you can get than the fact that your kids think you are cool! :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 8:42 am  

This is what 'role model' is all about; something that cannot be sermonized, cannot be lecturized, but can only be demonstrized. Your kid is going to remember that incident for a very long time. Well done, mum!!

By Blogger fishtail, at 9:23 am  

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