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Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Reading Tun Mahathir’s stories have never been boring. Whether when he was the Prime Minister or after he retired. Today’s lead story of The Borneo Post started with this statement from Tun, “We just close down Proton if this is what the people want.” I am not going to comment on that. This little remark towards the end of the article –

When it was suggested that the AP controversy had been going on for months, he said: “Yes, Boringlah.”

is the reason for today’s thoughts.

I remember in the 80s, there was an institution called “The Boring Institution of …..” (Oops, can’t remember the name) who picked the most boring people of the year. I also remember Michael Jackson being picked the “Yawn of the Year” at one time because of his over-exposure in the media.

Perhaps, Tun is suggesting AP’s over-exposure in the media with that little remark!

We do get bored with life sometime, somehow and some what! Why do we get bored? I learn this from my two children, we get bored easily. Children get bored with toys. Do you have a basket of toys at home that your children are no longer interested in? They have got bored playing them. They are looking for something more exciting, a Gameboy? a PS2?

AP’s issue has been on for months. Tun gets bored too!

Boredom comes when we demand satisfaction from some instrument or activity, or even some people, outside ourselves.

There is no doubt about it.

Look inside yourself and draw resources from there, and you will never get bored.

I have seen many Christians who are deeply rooted in their faith live day-day-day and are seldom bored. To them, everything is exciting. Even in difficulties and trials they regard that as adventures. They look forward to how God work them out. They do not grumble, complain and criticize. It means they are thankful in everything.

It looks difficult to be thankful in everything. But, I am always inspired by this little story of Dr Matthew Henry. Dr Matthew Henry is a Bible Commentator. Many Christians have a copy of his commentary. The next time you use the commentator, remember this story –

Dr Henry Matthew was robbed as he walked along a highway. When he told his friends of the incident, he mentioned four things for which he gave thanks. First, he was thankful that it was the first time he was robbed and that he had never been robbed before. Second, he said that he was thankful that they did not get very much though they took all his money. Third, he was thankful that they took his money, but they did not take his life. And finally, that is the most amazing one and an eye-opener, he said, “I am thankful that it was I who was robbed, and not I who robbed.”

With so much to thank for even in such situation, will his life still be boring? No, it’s a life filled with zest and excitement, every moment of it!

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Apparently the Boring Institute is still coming up with its annual lists although the website link doesn't work.


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