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Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Your best for people's best

In a function last night, the speech of Chief Minister of Sarawak centred around “sacrifice”. He reminded his party members not to forget the value of sacrifice, especially in helping the rakyat.

The Borneo Post reported that the Chief Minister said without the spirit of sacrifice, they (the party members) would forget the struggles of the people, and would eventually only struggle for their own interests.

How noble it is – giving up your best for people’s best, giving up your best for God’s best. It is not easy.

It’s easy to give away unwanted things any day. It does not hurt to give away things you don’t want. But it really hurts when you have to give away something you treasure and with a willing heart for the sake of another who will need it more. Sacrifice is offering your brand new thing.

Remember the poor widow in the Bible who sacrificed two pennies? The poor widow’s sacrifice is no sacrifice to many at all.

It’s giving until it hurts, how many of us can do that?

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