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Monday, September 05, 2005

Who am I?

I was in a Girls' Brigade Officers' training for the last two days. In one of the sessions, the participants were asked to reflect on the question "Who am I?" and share in a small group concerning our own reflecton.

Who am I? We have answers like -

I am God's creation.
I am one in a million.
I am a miracle of God's creation, no more no less.
I am God's child.
I am somebody's wife, mother.
I am so and so..

A little story was printed in the note -

"I once heard this story about a priest, who was confronted by a solder while he was walking down a road in pre-revolutionary Russia.

The solder, aiming his riffle at the priest, commanded, "Who are you? Where are you going? Why are you going there?"

Unfazed, the priest calmly replied, "How much do they pay you?"

Somewhat surprised, the solder responded, "Twenty-five kopecks a month."

The priest paused, and in a deeply thoughtful manner said, "I have a proposal for you. I'll pay you fifty popecks each moth if you stop me here every day and challenger me to respond to those same three questions."

Identity. Are we all searching? Who am I? Do we answer differently each time? You carry with you many titles? Here is another story I read last night..

Pope died. He went to heaven. At the heaven's gate, the Pope was asked, "Who are you?" To that the Pope answered, "I am the Pope."

The gate keeper searched high and low for his name. He shook his head and said, "I could not find your name."

The pope reduced his rank. Still, could not not find. Finally, he mentioned his name only without any of the ranking.

The gate keep faced lit up, "Yes, you are xxx, I find it. You were compassionate to the needies while serving as a priest!"

No record of his good deeds as a Pope ...

Who am I?

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