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Sunday, September 18, 2005

When Mummy is not at home

Just reached home in time for the Mooncake Festival. Read what Chris has to say about having no mummy at home -

When mummy is not at home

Christopher Lau

Mummy went to Kuala Lumpur on Friday for her Girls’ Brigade meeting. When mummy is not at home, everything seems not right.

Mummy is my alarm clock. She is an alarm clock that never fails. She will wake me up at 5:30 am if it is a school day. I always say, “Five minutes.” But, I think it is only one minute, she will call again. When mummy is not at home, I have to put two alarm clocks and my handphone at my bedside. The handphone is for my mummy to telephone me at 5:30 am. I always sleep through the alarm clock, but the telephone ring always wakes me up. The telephone ring means mummny calling! After half an hour, mummy will call again to make sure that I have showered and dressed ready for school. One time I joke with mummy. Half an hour later, when she called, I pretended that I was still in my dream and answered the phone with a sleepy voice. Mummy said, “You are late!” Then, I burst into laughter.

I learn to be punctual from mummy. When mummy says 5:30 am she will call me, it means 5:30 am. She is an alarm clock that never fails. She is an alarm clock that rings with love.

Mummy is my most trusted driver. She is always there at the school gate when the school is over. When mummy is not at home, I am worried that the driver forgets to fetch me.

I learn to keep my words from mummy. When mummy says she will be at the school gate, she will be there, rain or shine.

Mummy is also my best friend. She knows my every needs, even before I speak. Sometimes, I wonder how she knows. Whenever I ask she will always smiles and says that I am his son and she knows all my tricks. I guess she must be like me when she was small. Therefore, with mummy around, I can’t be naughty. But, without mummy around, everything seems not right, I would not want to be naughty anyway.

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Is Christopher your kid? He must be a very sweet kid.

By Blogger fishtail, at 12:11 am  

Hi, fishtail, yes, Chris is my 10-year-old son. He will be here every Sunday. Read his story on grandparents last Sunday?

Mummy running out of topic, so need a little help.


By Blogger Yan, at 6:22 am  

Awww isn't that sweet? Sure is nice to be missed huh, Yan?
I really liked the "She is an alarm clock that rings with love" part! :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 10:13 am  

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