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Tuesday, September 20, 2005

When life's storm rage

A story was told of a ship that made its first voyage across the Atlantic. During the first evening, one of the passengers who was a peacher announced that he would be leading a prayer meeting every morning at 6 am. He invited all passengers and crew to join him.

The next morning, the preacher prayed alone. Nobody joined him. He made another announcement during the dinner. Still, nobody joined him the next morning. For many days, the preacher prayed alone.

One night, the ship ran into a storm. The ship pitched and tilted on the rough sea like a toy boat in a bath tub. Everyone was terrified, the crew and passengers alike.

At 6 am, the storm still howling. Everyone on board squeezed into the little prayer room to pray for deliverance. But, the preacher was no where to be seen. Somebody ran into his cabin, but the preacher was not there. At last they found the preacher on the ship's deck. "Reverend! It's time for prayer meeting." one of the search party shouted to the preacher.

"Go ahead without me," the preacher called back, "I've been praying all week. This morning, I am just going to enjoy this display of God's power."

Yes, the preacher had peace on the inside - even when the sea around him is rough, the situation around him is in chaos.

Today's story is an echo to the "Customs D-G's poem" expressed over the controversy surrounding his allegedly expensive farewell bash which has been translated by Bernama to read as follows -

"Who would expect, when the ship approaches port,
a storm suddenly breaks out without mercy,
as though drowning one's sweat without pity,
But believe me, as long as I live,
I will certainly defend their integrity,
although not many dare to join me in the battle,
they may be thinking of their own future,
probably when Halil stumbles, they can then move ahead."

When life's storm rage, do you panic? Or do you still have the inner calm? Or can you still have a good night sleep?

The apple that reads "Good Night" in the photo was placed at my bedside table in a hotel I checked in recently.

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Yan, food for thoughts, good for thoughts. When we have blue skies, calm seas, good lives - we have peace. Can we still have that peace in the storms.

It really takes that trust in Him to have a peace that passes all understandings.

Thanks for the timely reminder.

Always, lw

By Anonymous Anonymous, at 9:15 am  


Stormy sea testing fRiendships to the fullest
Banquet time when crowds swell and wolves in sheep's attire their best
I shiver in the world's cold
But it's still warm in one hold.

PS: you made me public with SE7EN
Primrose pass'd the baton to me
I wonder if Yan is Game for me-me-meing?

By Blogger desiderata, at 1:09 pm  




By Blogger Yan, at 8:18 am  

Hi, Desi,

Jurno's poem here is (translated from Chinese) -

Photo-taking, I stand in front
Delegate task, I stand behind
Donation time, excuse me, I have to answer the nature's call

Thanks for the poem.

Thanks for tagging me. I am honoured.


By Blogger Yan, at 9:16 am  

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