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Thursday, September 08, 2005

Monday to Thursday, still counting

A good friend left for Europe for a conference followed by a tour. He wrote a "Hi" yesterday. I wrote back this morning saying that there is not much happening at home. But, I gave him an account of the headlines over the week -

Monday - Teacher held for alleged rape
Seven pupils, aged between 10 and 12, claim they were raped in teacher's quarters since last year

Tuesday - 143 die in Indon Plane crash

Wednesday - Wife hacks man with knife
Sight of her semi-naked husband on top of their 10-year-old daughter drives woman mad

Thursday - Road Tax down by 25-80 percent
Reduction part of government's effort to help ease people's burden caused by fuel price hike

I added a little note -

Sounds gloomy with all the sad news. The only good news is you can spend a little more in Europe. How much more? Just a little like 80 ringgit if you are paying 160 ringgit road tax for your car.

Today's posting is under the influence of Desi's postings from Monday to Thursday.

Well, still counting... Friday, Saturday, Sunday ....

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