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Monday, September 12, 2005

How to Hug

We went to a food sale yesterday. The food sale was organized to raise fund for the operation cost of a centre for special children. Four of us holding RM100 coupons could only buy one roasted duck. That's beside the point.

In a food sale like this, normally some clubs, associations or people with charity at heart would donate their merchandise for sale. The popular one would be food stall. A normal RM2 fried rice would be sold at RM10. Transaction is using coupons. I was told that a total of RM88,000 was being raised.

My teenage daughter after making one round finally found her treasures at a stall selling used books at RM2 each. She was so excited and asked me for RM10 coupon. I took a look and noted that it was sponsored by a centre that gives child education. It is even a franchised early child education specialist. So, it is safe.

But, back home, I was horrified to hear this conversation -

"Che-che (big sister), can I read the books that you have just bought at the food sale?" the 10-year old asked.

"No, there are some pervert pictures in these books. Che-che also cannot read." the big sister answered.

That reminds me of another story . A story is told about a man who was walking down the street one day. He passed by a book store selling used books. In the display window, he saw a book with this title, "How to Hug". He was caught by the title. On that particular moment, he was romantic at heart. He went into the shop and bought the book. When he got back home, he discovered that it was the third volume of an encyclopedia that covered subjects from "How" to "Hug".

We bought some coupons for charity. We brought our children to the food sale hoping to teach them to have a generous heart. We hope to see a demonstration of love there. But just like the man who wanted to learn "How to Hug" only to find an encycloopedia on theory. We want to teach our children a demonstration of love through charity only to find that love means dumping unwanted books or unwanted items. All done in the disguise of charity.

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that is such a sad experience. we really can't let our guard down sometimes, can we?

By Blogger yyyap, at 10:57 pm  

So sad. Reminds me of the time when, during the collection of donations for the tsunami victims, the coordinators found bags of unwanted stuffs (old picture frames, dentures, family photos ..) among the so called charitable items.

By Blogger fishtail, at 1:57 am  

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