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Sunday, September 11, 2005


By Christopher Lau

This is the first time that I know there is a day called “Grandparents’ Day”. And today it is Grandparents’ Day in America.

I want to wish my grandma happiness and good health for many more years. I also want to tell her that “I love her”. I also want to thank her for giving me such a wonderful person called “pa pa”.

My other grandma who had given me a wonderful mother went back to Jesus’ home five years ago. I was five years old then. I also remember her today. She was a loving grandma. My mother told me that grandma looked after me when I was a baby.

I had never seen the father of my mother whom I called grandpa. He died long before I was born.

My mooooooost loving grandpa went to stay in Jesus’ home last year in October. I miss him very much. I miss the time watching TV with him. I miss the dinner time with him when he would always joke with me. I miss the time when he and the driver fetched me from tuition lessons and music lessons. I just miss calling him “Gong Gong”. I even miss him calling me from downstairs – Liang Liang.

Mummy said “Gong Gong” is now living in Jesus’ home. It is a beautiful home with many rooms. One day, we all shall meet in heaven. But, why doesn’t Jesus let him stay here in our home for a longer time? There is a big room for him and grandma.

Dear Jesus, pluck a flower from your garden and give it to my “gong-gong” and please help me to say “Happy Grandparents Day” to him and give him a hug.

Gong-gong, I know it is more than a house in heaven, it is home of Jesus. I know you are singing happily there with a better karoke-system than the one at home. But, why do I still want you here?

Yan: My little star will be here every Sunday as the host. Today's thoughts on Grandparents' Day brings much tears to him. Read about Grandparents' Day in United States here.

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Wonderful touching post Yan. I look forward to reading more of Christopher's insightful posts every Sunday. :)

By Blogger dobbs, at 7:07 am  

Hi Chris, lawyer-aspirant;
Journalist-writer also can be:)

Enjoyed your maiden post -- I'm sure your "Gong gong" is s-m-i-l-:)-i-nn-g down on thee.

Yes, your duty at Mum's Corner will train thee well for th future, though she must have promised youh SmartOne with more than a home-made pie, which I envy, but I'm in Seremban, and you're in Catsville.

So long, adieu
Write true
With a caring heArt
With a mind at peAce
And allLOVEDones at ease

From: A journo-like-thy-Mum
No cookie from me, only Ummm...

By Blogger desiderata, at 12:41 pm  

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