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Friday, September 09, 2005

Desperate Housewife

Are you a desperate housewife?

Author Ron Hutchcraft says a big reason some wives are desperate or discouraged is a husband who fails to meet her needs for affection, attention and affirmation.

Here's Hutchcraft's three question test for men -

First, am I loving my wife in the ways that make her feel loved?

Second, am I giving her exclusive attention on a regular basis?

Third, am I building her up by praising her?

If a man says "yes" to all three questions, his wife won't be desperate, she'll be a woman who knows she's safe, secure, treasured and loved.

8 comment(s):

I think we need to ask the same 3 questions of us women as well! After all affection, attention and affirmation is a two-way thing in any relationship.

By Blogger dobbs, at 8:03 am  

Thanks, dobbs, let's score 100 percent for all the three questions!

By Blogger Yan, at 5:20 am  

Hmm...pity that most men wouldn't even bother asking these questions, much less do something about it. Male ego leh.

By Blogger Bkworm, at 1:51 pm  

Hi, de book worm, I just receive this email from a male friend -

Dealing with women leaders means meticulous work and professionalism these days. And, men must not think...they are any better. Women leaders are more detailed, and caring in their work and never all any slight "deviations" from entertainment, emotions, or cronynism to make women leaders lose their professional decisions. Bravo to women leaders!!!

I have personally worked for a few women leaders and believe me...they are very professional and they consider things from every angle. Women planned to give and men can only laugh their hearts out!

Well, for that compliments, de book worm, forgive "some men", some only leh, for they know not what they are doing!

Have a great weekend.


By Blogger Yan, at 6:05 pm  

Wah Lau Eh. Women need so many A Meh? Where got time to give them the As when we have to struggle to search for M and give it all to them. Instead we men should be given unconditional As by the women as we have to hunt for food and at the end of the day our bodies are dead tired and limp. How to give affection, attention and affirmation then?

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