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Monday, September 19, 2005

Be delighted

The hotel that I stayed during my over-the-weekend-stay in Kuala Lumpur supplied the guests with New Straits Times. From Friday to Sunday, the moment I opened my eyes, I read “Scandals and failures”. Failure of our first batch of PMR students doing science and maths in English was the headline for Friday. The next two days on the alleged scandals of farewell parties for the retiring DG of Customs.

If you have scandals, disasters, crime, tragedies, accidents, death … the newspapers sales rise sharply. We want to know everything about how farewell parties will amount to RM5 million, a figure that many of us would never dream of. We want to know every details of a tragedy. We want to know how bad students are doing in their maths and science. We are caught by the big “F”. For students, it means “fail”, for someone who is used to that “Fxxx”, it means a different thing. We want to know what happened in a car accident. We need to know the details so that we can tell our stories in coffee shops or even in cyber chatting rooms.

But, if we start to read such news everyday, we will decide that this world is not really a place to live on. Don’t we have such conclusion that comes to our mind? For many, this is just a thought that flash through the mind. For some, the flash may mean making a decision that this is not the place to continue living.

Why can’t newspapers promote positive news? My heart is always warmed with politicians who talk words of inspiration. Today, Sarawak Second Finance Minister, Dato Sri Wong Soon Koh said this –

In this world, there is always a small segment of the population who are less fortunate. These are the people who require our help. If we put our hearts to a common cause and the common cause to our hearts, then we can make things happen.

He further quoted Confucious saying that when people extended their love from their families to their friends, then to their neighbours and to the elderly they would find that life is full of meanings.

Positive stories do sell. We all want to read stories that gives hope. We all want to be delighted over and over.

Newspapers do play a role in giving hope to people that life may be difficult, but there is a reason to move on.

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